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Monday January 14th 2019

Singaporean family downgraded from 4-room HDB due to unemployment

Just to share my past agony with all netizens as an eye opener only.

When my husband was jobless for months as his duty under a building and construction company ended and whilst searching for a job under the same designation, tonnes of resume were submitted, went to numerous job walk in interviews and still not hired yet.

Savings were cashed out week by week to pay the necessary bills, marketing and stuff like that. Still with a positive mindset, hoping each and everyday that life will be better.

One month turned into several months, still no secure job despite being a  temp cab driver and with credit loan to settle. From having a vehicle to no vehicle, from zero outstanding bills turned into a red warning letter. Our life change drastically like an earthquake with a 7.5 Riechtar scale.

Some companies replied to his CV but only willing to offer a very low rate. From having a BOOM pay out now turned into a DOOM pay out. *Feeling sick of life out of the sudden.

We decided to get help from the SSO, MSF etc. Soon after my husband got his full time job at the JP company hiring for fresh candidates to join their new upcoming project. We thank God for answering our prayers. *I said like finally.

SSO managed to help for 3-month term and will review our case if we STILL need further assistance. Now you tell me how can you survive for that current 3 months working in a new job and having insufficient amount to pay your bills, farecard, etc?

The SSO officer in charge confidently said that $2600 basic salary is more than enough to pay off your bills and all that. *WTFish – I said to myself. What we are asking is for her to kindly review and help for the next few more months only. It is not as if we are taking advantage of the community help. We seriously felt like a BEGGARS to their FACE.

Still feeling adamant, we decided to sell off our 4-room flat to help clear off the credits loans, outstanding bills, children’s savings, etc.

How many channels are there in Singapore that can really help Singaporean needy families who really need financial support to help sustain, motivate them or even help them reach out to better improve their financial status. Correct me if I’m wrong…

2017 and we ourselves noticed that we have always pay more to the government than we are able to save for our retirement age or things like that.

Even before the above-mentioned scenario, my husband used to take home $8-10k per month. Still a big sum will go the AXS machine to pay off bills *What else…


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on our FB.

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3 Responses to “Singaporean family downgraded from 4-room HDB due to unemployment”

  1. J Y says:

    Why not rent out a room instead of downgrading? You can save money on renovation for the new flat. You also need to save the extra cash after paying all the bills. Or else you may need to downgrade again.

  2. Jie Ming says:


    I too understand how you feel when times are bad for your whole family. But remembered although your husband might have earned a good income, its also necessary to pay other bills. Just like one has to eat and shit too. During a bad time, its good to look at things which you may not notice before. Find ways to cut down on spending etc.

    Good times will come again and you will definitely gain more then you reap. Good luck!

  3. C H says:

    I’m curious – 8 to 10K a month, you need to pay the bigger bill due to personal choice. Well, when there is no such job in the market, then what is the expectation.

    Get a paying job that could settle the bill, downsize and reduce expenses and manage personal finance. This is due to personal choices and options.

    Do the government have to provide the job with the same paid and guarantee that it will always be there? Don’t think so, survival of the nation should be the top priority.

    This is actually happening everywhere in the world – real world is tough and mean!!!Welcome!!!

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