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Monday January 15th 2018

IT specialist from India unhappy with $7800 salary and wanting more

By garry2361323

I have 9+ years of experience in Oracle CRM (IT) and have been offered 7800 SGD per month. I am relocating with my wife. The salary is sufficient to survive in Singapore and have some saving at the end?


by ecureilx

That number is very much above my current pay grade, but for 9+ years, I was thinking you should be 12k +

And that’s affirmed by the few placement guys I know.

And to answer your question, yes, you can make do, but if a child comes along, you won’t have much left (unless you are from Sub Con and know how to live on a shoe string).


by garry2361323

Thank you ecureilx for the reply.

Initially when I got the offer, I accepted it after doing bit google about salary range and asking few of my known (friends) working in Singapore.

Now, as days are passing I am getting this feeling that the figure offered to me is not that good. Issue is that in the offer letter they have a clause which says ” If you don’t join the company on the said date, you have to pay 1 month of your offered salary and the expenditures occurred for your visa, interview etc etc” which in my case may go up to 8000-9000 SGD

Can I deny their offer now without getting into legal issues or I am bound to pay them if i don’t join ?

I have given them signed copy of the offer as my acceptance.


by Strong Eagle » Thu, 02 Jun 2016

The company may not get the EP for you… 9+ years of experience should pay more in a specialty fields like Oracle. And unless you have already signed a contract agreeing to it, I would not pay anyone any money if I don’t take the job.


by garry2361323» Thu, 02 Jun 2016

Aha nationality wise rates ! :P I am not sure about that, btw I am from India. I have asked about the salary range from many and getting mixed response, so I am totally confused whether to put this salary in “good” or “bad” category.
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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “IT specialist from India unhappy with $7800 salary and wanting more”

  1. xyz says:

    $7800 for 9-yrs Oracle experience in Singapore is actually not great — should be about $9K-$10K at least. This is how companies, save money by hiring from 3rd world countries. And to pay even $7800, that company should be an MNC or bank.

    Also from what he mentioned “the expenditures occurred for your visa, interview etc etc”, the company even flew him in to S’pore for the interview.

    I seriously doubt don’t have any S’poreans who cannot do Oracle CRM job. Of course the asking salary will be $10K-$12K. This simply means discrimination is so bad that companies are willing to spend money to fly in foreigners for job interviews, instead of paying a bit more to hire S’poreans.

  2. Maggi Ho says:

    What to do, now is global market. All we can hope is government tighten EP also.

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