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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Overseas jobless graduate frustrated at mostly foreigner job interviewers

Dear Mr Gilbert Goh,

I finished my studies overseas and recently returned to Singapore. I have sent out hundreds of resumes both overseas and in Singapore and managed to secure some interviews but always I end up failing to get the job, some of them even when I reached the final round.

The most painful interviews are those where I reach the final round and end up failing for some arbitrary reason. I read online that a lot of companies are just going through the motions to fulfill a quota of Singaporean interviews before hiring the FTs that they already have in mind!

The majority of my interviewers in Singapore have been foreigners (I would say its around 90% of interviews that I attended) and I feel that this has adversely affected my chances of getting a job. Furthermore, when I tried to secure a job overseas, the companies were reluctant to sponsor a visa for foreigners.

It seems to me that there is point no in being a Singaporean as we get discriminated everywhere, even in our home country!

I am at my wits end and I don’t know what to do. My family puts on a lot of pressure and at this rate I can’t stop having suicidal thoughts every single day as it is the only way out.

I am hoping that you can give me some advice and counselling as it seems there are very few resources in Singapore to help a fresh graduate get a job.

Thanks and best regards,


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4 Responses to “Overseas jobless graduate frustrated at mostly foreigner job interviewers”

  1. Anti.Foreigner says:

    I can recommend to a $2000 job as a trainee manager. Interested?

  2. Robert says:

    Try harder to get a job in the foreign country that you attained your undergraduate degree. You may be treated as a foreign talent there. Some of my friends and relatives who studied overseas (Australia and UK) have migrated many years ago. They are now doing very well in their careers overseas.

    On the contrary, many of my polytechnic classmates who studied overseas and chose to return to Singapore are either self-employed or working as property and insurance agents now (they are currently in their mid to late 30s).

    I would say that it’s quite hard for a fresh graduate to get a good and stable job in Singapore (especially government jobs or civil service jobs that prefers to recruit Singaporeans) if one do not hold a good honours degree from a local university or a top overseas university.

    Graduates with degrees from a less prestigious foreign university mostly work in SMEs and some MNCs. These companies tend to have a higher proportion of foreigners that may prefer to hire their own kind, and they also offer lesser employment protection for locals during an economic downturn.

  3. FTA says:

    Gilbert, I always wondered why nobody checks the FTAs we signed. Even the opposition also keeping quiet.

    Singapore has been giving out easy work VISAs for years. In fact Singapore has been ranked among the highest for foreign labor mobility. Yet, there seems to be very little or almost nothing heard of in the FTAs we sign that imposes entry for Singaporeans to work in other countries. If you read the news, whenever the government signs an FTA, the reports are usually on how much ease and extras we got for our companies, but no reports on what is in there for Singaporean workers.

    What is wrong with this? Everything. Because even if the foreign country delivers on the easy entry for our companies, their labor laws will impose that our companies must hire THEIR people to operate there! And from there, their people gain a foothold to “internal transfer” into Singapore to contest jobs with us as we have signed away protection for our own people! The FTAs that we signed seems to be very clever and creating business opportunities for us, but in actual fact could very well be turned against Singaporeans! This might be why our PMETs once retrenched in Singapore, can’t even relocate if they want to!

  4. Anon says:

    Hi John, have your thought of setting up a small business? Or finding someone in to set up a business with? Besides finding a part-time/contract job.

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