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Monday June 26th 2017

7-eleven franchisee offering $2000/month salary as trainee store manager

Hi Gilbert

I operate a number of 7-eleven stores as a franchisee.  I am looking to employ Singaporean and  Singapore PR on a full time and part time basis.

I will be able to take in cashiers and trainee store managers.  Cashiers start at about $1500 a month while trainee store managers (with at least an A-level) starts at $2000.  Workers on part time basis earn $7/hour and can expect to take home $1,200 if they put in about 40 hours each week.

All applicants must accept that work in a convenience store will be of a blue-collar in nature, and shift work and working on a weekends/public holidays are necessary.

Those who are interested in the above offer can email me at

I will personally reply and attend to every applicant whether or not I find them suitable for the positions that I am recruiting.

With best regards,


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