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Saturday January 13th 2018

Civil servant received “D” performance grading and contract not renewed

Dear Gilbert, do you know whether it is true that those who were let off because of “D” performance from civil or public service will not be considered by the civil and public service again?

I was offered a 1 year contract last time. They told me don’t worry just take, after 1 year will become perm. But did not get along with the boss so contract not renewed. What I did not know until a few days a go when a ex-colleague told me is that the bosses gave me a “D” and very very nasty comments to justify not renewing my contract. I was not able to contesting anything as these were in their own HR reports.

I think this is very unfair. Lim Swee Say himself also say that when performance is rated “poor”, the employer also has responsibilities during the Surbana saga.

During this period of bad economic condition and poor job conditions, if we are being unfairly treated due to these “performance appraisals” which we were not given a chance to explain or even contest, it is very unfair.

I hope the civil and public service will look into this because not all “D” is really that bad and many of us probably did not get along well with the boss and became a victim of the system where they need to write until very nasty to justify their decision!

Mr Koh

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on our site.

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2 Responses to “Civil servant received “D” performance grading and contract not renewed”

  1. La'fay says:

    Can name which Garman agencies, stats boards or GLC is tat?

  2. Apple says:

    Your English gave me a headache but I have to say you are not alone. And this could have happened in many places and to anyone of any seniority level.

    Employers always have more power. It is just how they are allowed to use it. And it seems the service needs to re-look their own internal processes now.

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