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Monday January 14th 2019

NUS graduate found job after 12 months of joblessness

Hi Mr Gilbert,

I’m one of the many people who came across your website on a daily basis and I sure hope God will assist you in your kindness towards humanity (particularly Singaporeans).

When I first discovered your website it was 2012 and I was unemployed. I found solace by reading many stories of people who were in same shoes with me. My unemployment period was a whole 12 months. Though I have no mouth to feed, my love-giving parents were anxious their NUS-grad child was not earning to repay the loans they provided for my tertiary education. I honestly hope I will not forget that painfully emotional period because we need to learn some lessons in the difficulties God has taken us through.

Three years has passed since I left the dark and lonely unemployment period and sometimes I  forget the pain. However I bookmarked your website to remind myself and appreciate my current situation. My existing job is not for graduates; my colleagues come from various background. Many don’t have certificates but they are well-experienced and shared those precious knowledge with me. Life has its ups and downs but sadly my parents didn’t teach me that verbally or indirectly so I had to learn the hard way. If I faced difficult situation I feel like finding another job but that didn’t solve the problem because other jobs have problems too. That’s the reason I always come back to your website to remind myself to be thankful for whatever we have because we always appreciate something when they are gone ie jobs.

I apologize I haven’t contribute anything to help other Singaporeans like what you’ve done. Maybe someday i will find courage to contact you and assist in your volunteer work. I would like to say THANK YOU for helping all desperate Singaporeans and hopefully God continue to give you strength, wisdom and heart to continue your journey.

Please please please keep up the good work!!! Your hard work in creating and maintaining is not only for the unemployed but for also people who wants to give up their employment (as Singaporeans are well-pampered and not strong to face difficulties). I hope Singaporeans can take control of their own destiny instead of just relying on Government or other people’s opinion. This is because LIFE is so much more than having a job, buying HDB flats (which can be sad sometimes cos few lucky people born with landed properties along Bukit Timah road), getting married, raising kids and showing off what little we’ve achieved.

Take care and be strong!

Warm regards,


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