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Monday January 21st 2019

Hearing impaired local graduate lamented at employment discrimination

Hi Gilbert,

How are you? Long time no see.

By the way, I was shocked by the news headline “One in two employers do not intend to hire deaf people: Survey”.

The TODAY news article link (20 March 2017):

I do not know whether the survey adopts the scientific methods, but 50% of the employers do not want to hire deaf people based on the latest news. That makes me unhappy.

People with disabilities, including deaf people, should have equal opportunities in seeking jobs. Some companies do not want to hire those people with disabilities because of many excuses, more commonly discrimination against them.

I used to pen some letters to the mainstream forums such as The Straits Times and TODAY when I was younger. Then I took a hiatus from writing in to the forums. I do not know when I will be back from the hiatus. Will see first.

Have a good day.



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