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Monday March 18th 2019

Why Singapore PMETs find it so difficult to get work!

by Maxie_E 禄 Fri, 17 Apr 2015 5:59 pm

Is it possible to seek employment on a visitor pass as long as the employer then organises a employment pass? This is someone who is university educated in finance on over $100000 a year.

Prior to it stopping they would have had applied for the employment pass eligibility certificate however now what do people do?

Does the intention to seek employment have to be disclosed to immigration?


by sundaymorningstaple 禄 Fri, 17 Apr 2015 6:26 pm

There is no problem looking for a job while here on a social visit pass. You cannot get an employment pass yourself.

Only your employer can apply for your employment pass and it’s only good for that single employer. First of all the potential employer will have to justify to the MOM just WHY it is necessary to hire a foreigner if there are substantial numbers of suitably qualified local that can do the job.

IF you get past that hurdle (probably the hardest at the moment) then you have to qualify with your education AND substantial experience. If you get past that point, then the offer has to be sufficiently high enough to warrant and Employment Pass.

Pass all three, you probably have your EP. But there are no guarantees or automatic passes if you “qualify”. There are online testers on the MOM site to see if you are eligible to apply where you enter your university degree and field and experience.

It doesn’t mean you will get approved but just means they will accept your application, rather than just bouncing it when it’s submitted, but still isn’t a guarantee that you will get anything at all.

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5 Responses to “Why Singapore PMETs find it so difficult to get work!”

  1. Dodo says:


    Talent Acquisition Manager

    APAC, based in Singapore

    Sabre is an innovative technology company that leads the travel industry by helping its customers succeed. It offers a broad range of technology solutions including, data-driven business intelligence, mobile, distribution and Software-as-a-Service solutions which are used by travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car rental outlets, railways, cruise lines and tour operators) and travel buyers (travel agencies, travel management companies and corporate travel departments) to plan, market, sell, serve and operate their business.

    Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, USA, Sabre employs approximately 10,000 people in approximately 60 countries around the world.

    The company operates three brands/businesses: Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Sabre Travel Network.

    Position Description:

    The Talent Acquisition Manager will be responsible for providing and driving a recruiting excellence strategy focused on strategic sourcing and staffing/talent acquisition services for Asia Pacific (excluding India). These services will ensure that Sabre creates a global pipeline of future talent while supporting the business leaders in developing and executing their future workforce strategy.

    Position Overview

    路 Designs Talent Maps to anticipate needs and give additional market insights to HRBPs and hiring managers.
    路 Manages the internal and external recruiting processes to include: screening/interviewing of applicants, efficient usage job marketing assets, managing the internal Job Opportunity Policy/Process to include timely communication of bidding outcomes and career development coaching for internal bidders.
    路 Defining effective search strategies for APAC markets using direct sourcing/social media to meet current and future business needs.
    路 Develops and provides business unit leaders with analysis of staffing activities in the following areas of: turnover, salary equity, diversity recruiting, recruiting costs, time鈥恡o鈥恌ill, and quality of hire metrics.
    路 Demonstrates ability to frame issues, structure problems and optimize staffing processes for internal clients.
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    路 Manages the pre-hire process including pre-employment physicals, relocation, reporting dates.
    路 Responsible for day to day management of direct reports for work supervision, direction and employee development
    路 Vendor management and contract staff hiring oversight
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    路 Minimum 8 years related experience in recruitment is required.

    路 Experience as a recruitment lead or manager required

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    路 Experience working in a technology or travel company is highly desired

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    路 Proven ability to handle multiple projects and prioritize accordingly.

    路 Strong leadership competencies including the ability to mentor, lead and develop teams.

    路 Experience launching innovative tools for hiring top talent

    路 Experience with HR/Recruitment technologies

    路 Mixed background in staffing /executive search & corporate recruitment is preferred

    路 Fluency, both written and oral, in English and Spanish is required. Portuguese language skills desired

    路 Broad knowledge of regional employment laws and practices

    路 Strong negotiation and influencing skills

    路 University recruitment and relations experience

    路 Successful Recruitment Branding and Communications experience

    • Denise says:

      @Dodo, many travel companies are infested with 2 nationalities. Even their HR also from these 2 countries. Can you imagine even a junior recruiter from their company also need a foreigner? And the recruiter in charge of SEA market is from South Asia? How the f did MOM even approve all these appointments!

  2. xyz says:

    Probably covering South America incl. Mexico — they all speak Spanish, apart from Brazil which is mainly Portuguese-speaking (but many also understand Spanish).

    What I don’t understand is why they even need this in-house position?!?! Sounds like head hunter for higher-level execs. For this they can simply outsource to executive headhunting firms — cheaper over the long run & more effective and efficient too (those firms have a lot more HR & headhunting resources compared to hiring a so-called Talent Acquisition Mgr).

  3. Mr Koh says:

    Dear Gilbert, do you know whether it is true that those who were let off because of “D” performance from civil or public service will not be considered by the civil and public service again?

    I was offered a 1 year contract last time. They told me don’t worry just take, after 1 year will become perm. But did not get along with the boss so contract not renewed. What I did not know until a few days a go when a ex-colleague told me is that the bosses gave me a “D” and very very nasty comments to justify not renewing my contract. I was not able to contesting anything as these were in their own HR reports. I think this is very unfair. Lim Swee Say himself also say that when performance is rated “poor”, the employer also has responsibilities during the Surbana saga.

    During this period of bad economic condition and poor job conditions, if we are being unfairly treated due to these “performance appraisals” which we were not given a chance to explain or even contest, it is very unfair. I hope the civil and public service will look into this because not all “D” is really that bad and many of us probably did not get along well with the boss and became a victim of the system where they need to write until very nasty to justify their decision!

    • xyz says:

      Tricky to answer as it “depends”. Depends on what?? Ok, step by step.

      First, you can forget about applying to *that* ministry / stat board / agency for the foreseeable future. Probably after 7 years is OK as don’t think they will bother to secure & preserve temp worker records for so long.

      2nd, if you apply to other ministry / stat board / agency, the HR *will* check with your previous place. Now this is where it gets tricky. If the checking & enquiry is all through email i.e. black&white, then they will just put down your dates of service, designation, reason for leaving e.g. non-renewal of contract. That’s it.

      BUT IF the HR also use phonecall, then your previous place *may* mention you got lousy rating or terrible performance etc. Chances of phonecalls & lousy feedback becomes higher if the HR people knows each other, or the stat board / ministry are related etc.

      To be safe, avoid applying for related civil service organisations.
      E.g. URA, HDB, MND, AVA, NPB, BCA, CEA are related.

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