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Thursday January 17th 2019

Mental patient requesting for inclusiveness from Singapore Police when applying for security clearance

Hi Gilbert

Can you help me to put it up in a post.

I suffered from somatic depression for a decade and have periodic relapse. Y15 I stopped work in June and suffered another relapse, until Dec16 was I able to function normally again and go over the neuro meds.

Y17 before CNY I went online to Temesak Poly to apply for SSI basic security course, follow the kind SSI security course trainer instruction and the online portal instructions. They direct me to Singapore police force to get security licence clearance before we can apply for the security guard course, log onto Singpass paid $15 and submit my request. As I suffered from mental illness I declare yes in the form.

Fast forward after payment and request, a few days later AOC Licensing, Security Industry Division Police Licensing & Regulatory Department told me need a memo from my psycho doc that I am fit for security guard course.

You know this neuro doc is not the GP, ¬†need to¬†book apt/queue to wait your turn … lucky¬†NUH nurse makes arrangements with my doc to write/send me a memo about my request and stamp/signed off.

Then I submit the neuro doc document to this customer service Wesley, and waited for his reply.

Another customer service officer, Saliyana says my email dated 6 Mar 17 has no memo attached and my request was cancelled. Ask me to re submit my application again. I asked whether I need to pay $15 again, she never reply my mail.

I submitted a feedback to SPF and pointed out my issue, not expecting special treatment for mentally depressed patient.

Now that Singapore talk about inclusive society caring for all, help for mentally sick and disabled people …government should be leading on this and not creating issues for us.

RE: (SR#: SR/20170306/0591) – Activity # – 1-JMO9ON: Medical Memo for Qn1 of Declaration for Security Officer Licence Application

Thanks for your help Gilbert and keep up your good work man.

Lawrence Tan See Wee

Editor’s note: the writer has included all the email exchange between him and SPF.

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