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Sunday January 14th 2018

Local PMET frustrated with fussy PRC worker in company

Gilbert, I hope you can publish this incident I faced at with a PRC Chinese PMET.

Sometime in May last year, our MD announced that they have recruited a Business Solutions Manager, Chen Wei from a European MNC. Very experienced and can help our team achieve our targets. She started work very quickly. First few months she was ok, so we helped her get used to our system and introduced her to our client’s project leads.

Soon after her confirmation, the real colour emerged. She refuses to participate in certain projects or deal with certain clients, to encourage her, my colleagues and I would tell her that she’s done well. Then we had a critical project in India and a few of us have to go over at short notice, she refused to go saying that India is dangerous and said she can go to Paris. At that point, there are riots in Paris.

A few of our colleagues are Singaporeans and our company is multinational. Our colleagues are Indian, Chinese, Burmese and even Filipino, this is the first time we have seen such ugly PRC behavior.

She was given warnings, and she would complain about how unreasonable the management was. But if she don’t buck up, the rest of us would have to do her work. She cannot cherry pick who she wants to work with and where she wants to travel to.

The management finally terminated her a few weeks ago and she threatened to complain to NTUC, I think NTUC should not represent workers like her. Her termination was immediate, and peace returned to our workplace until yesterday morning. She showed up at work, demanding to enter the office to start work. She was so loud and unreasonable that police had to be called and she has to be escorted out.

We must ensure she does not work in Singapore anymore, she’s a PR, we must petition for her PR to be revoked and for her to be sent back to China.

This is her Linkedin account, anyone reading this, please do not hire her.


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  1. freedomfighter says:

    dear gilbert, please hold a monthly protest on the possible hike in transportation fees.

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