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Wednesday January 17th 2018

Permanent resident PMET frustrated over useless NTUC’s inaction for unfair dismissal

I am a Singapore Permanent Resident who recently encountered an unfair dismissal when I was preparing for pregnancy.

I seeked the help from the Union but was amazed by the unwillingness to help from NTUC  IRO Nurafidah.

She is not compassionate  about my experience at all and was behaving more like representing the employer rather than the employee.

As a PMET, I have been paying tax for the past few years since I started to work, and I have been paying union membership fee from long time ago.

However, there is no government or organization that can help me when I encountered injustice.

I feel very helpless and disappointed at the current organization and set up of this labor law.

Why the organization is not behaving as it supposed to function. Why is it so hard for PMET to get the justice we are suppose to get?

Please keep my name anonymous.


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9 Responses to “Permanent resident PMET frustrated over useless NTUC’s inaction for unfair dismissal”

  1. Nalw says:

    Why publish name of people trying to help you?

    • xyz says:

      Tat’s coz those people NOT trying to help. Frankly if I’m the staff in the union I would also tidak apa just follow law, not my problem. Since 1995 I have found S’pore & Sinkies to be mostly selfish & self-centered & you die your biz, unlike in the 1970s during my early growing up years.

  2. Anti.Foreigner says:

    Dear Susan,

    You can only blame our pro locals government. If you don’t like it here, you are welcome to leave

  3. xyz says:

    Welcome to Singapore, now you know you die your biz.

    All along since I started working in 1989 I have always said Singapore’s unions & NTUC are castrated and worse than useless. They simply suck your monthly fees & use your money to pay their overpaid PAPies for retirement jobs in NTUC.

    NTUC & the various unions are basically run as social clubs and as propaganda outlets for PAP. The main union rep at each company is from HR — this is a joke — HR person represent the company as well as the workers?!?! Who do you think the HR person will support in the end?!?!

    When I go to CIEU website, they’re promoting $9 cinema tickets and subsidy for chalet booking and paintball competition. On CIEU facebook they’re more interested in showing their 100s of photos of their D&D. Is this a social club?? I don’t see any clear cut help or hotline for workplace dispute or help for employee grievances.

    For those of you idiots still stupidly paying your monthly union fees, do yourself & your family a favour by going into your internet banking and cancelling your Giro payment to your so-called union. And ignore any subsequent letters/SMS/phonecalls/emails asking you to pay. Tell them to fuck off. So simple.

  4. abc says:

    Curious, Susan is CIEU or NTUC member? No mention leh. Maybe can share more facts of her case so everyone here can determine the strength of her case. No point hearing 1 sided story & quote other ppl’s name when Susan wants to remain anonymous herself.

    • Singapore Citizen says:

      Dear PRC you should reflect on your own integrity and not questioning others’. Accept the fact you’re DISMISSED! STOP BEGGING FOR SYMPATHY! Go and find another job silly PRC!

  5. BHT says:

    Sore Susan,
    Clearly, our labor laws is in existence for justified reasons. And if no organizations can help you, means your case is beyond help! You specifically used the person’s name but is fearful to reveal your true identity – “please keep my name anonymous”. Where in many instances and experience of mine, the Permanent Resident PMET have proven to be incompetent in their job and had to be terminated. NTUC have helped me and many working counterparts in workplace issues. You need to accept the fact that Even locals here are losing their jobs to foreigners & PRs including myself.

  6. xyz says:

    NTUC is overall union — like holding company or HQ. There are many sub-unions for specific industries e.g. shipping, oil&gas, engineering, teachers, electronics, transport etc etc. CIEU is for chemical industries e.g. pharma, process or paints. If you are member of sub-union then you’re also NTUC member.

    Anyway all these talk of union — Bottomline is that unions in Singapore are useless. And most union staff will give in to companies, especially when big companies bring in their multi-million dollar teams of lawyers. So as I said, save your money & cancel the union GIRO. Use the annual $117 (minimum) to give your loved ones a good treat.

  7. Anon says:

    If you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed, report to MOM lor. We only hear 1 side of the story. I’m sure the Union staff would do her best to help you otherwise she will be regarded as incompetent.

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