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Saturday January 13th 2018

Pregnant PMET ambivalent about getting a job before her birth

It’s nice to hear from you Gilbert.

Many thanks for offering me employment assistance. Though I am seeking employment in the mean time, my situation is also complicated by my pregnancy that I recently found out.

Due to this, I think i can only look at work-from-home, freelance or short-term employment (if I am lucky) and upgrading myself at the moment since it is unlikely any company in the right mind will hire me and pay for my 4-month maternity within a short tenure.

Even for short-term employment, I probably only have until this August to offer since my baby is due in September, which also may be disruptive for some companies since it is less than a year from now till August.

I have attached my CV for your reference nonetheless. I look forward to any kind career advice from you or your group of supporters.

I’ll be happy to share my experience at your site as long as my identity is anonymous :)

Much regards,

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