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Sunday January 20th 2019

Words of wisdom for the unemployed

Dear Anxious

You are not alone in your situation. I cannot offer you hope, which I have none, but advices better than hope.

Frankly, the 101 idiot guides to securing a job won’t work. Reason being, we are living in a very screwed up and faked society. Instead of trying to be book smart and memorize all its theories, why not learn to be street-smart and pretend you are not desperate? In the world of jungle, the carnivorous animals can smell out the weak and attack you with ease. Don’t let it happen and be strong. Survival is not of the fittest but smartest.

Not having a job now doesn’t mean you will not land a job. Same logic, having a job today doesn’t mean you will not lose your job tomorrow. You are “lucky” to have experienced it earlier rather than later. Immunity often generated out of early “infection”. In this regard, you are quite fortunate…so tospeak.

Do not let the passing waves depress you, rather tag along with it and do things that make you happy. I know for sure many people with jobs, are not happy either.

Use Youtube channel to search for videos, from people with similar situation, around the world. See how these people cope with life worse than yours. Internet is the best place to help you “travel” out of your situation and see the world out there.

To help you achieve out of your depression, you must first do few things which works for me:

1) Do not watch or listen to any news from our msm. I find most of it questionable. If possible, stay away from your TV set or newspaper.

2) Do not try to foresee, or attempt to hallucinate about your life 3, 5, 10, 20 years later. Similarly, don’t look back what you have or did not achieve. What is gone is gone, what is yet to come remain very subjective and unpredictable. Thus, don’t envy, don’t fear anybody. Stay away from friends or colleague who like to compare before their days have come.

3) Learn to treasure each quiet moment like a treasure: – read inspiring book, eat your meal slowly, walk slowly, avoid malls, smell roses along your footpath, put on your headphone and listen to your all time favorite music. Stay away from quarrelsome adult fight, crying babies, loud people in coffee shops. Go to beach, library, parks, farms, and river, and stadium, religious buildings of your faith or of your likings. Sweat it out with rigorous exercise, give your home a new coat of fresh paint, draw or paint anything on a white paper. You can learn all types of skills from Youtube videos for free. There are tones of activities waits before you land a job.

4) Words of caution though, having a new job may not necessarily make you happy if your boss or colleagues came from hell or the volume of works could be more depressing than not having a job. Your current freedom could be envy for many people now. With that mindset, take your time to really find a job that blend with you. You happy, your boss happy. In the meantime. having a 2nd or 3rd cups of warm coffee, in quiet days won’t kill you.

5) Do not let your peers or family members become a pressure cooker over your life. They can nag, showed different expression to make you succumb to them. Remember, they are not you, an ignorant them voted a wrong leader, against our wish, that caused us to suffer. They owe you, be magnanimous towards their ignorance. You owe no one and you know your life better than anyone else. So stop worrying, as it will not add a single hour into your lifespan (Mathew: 6:26)

6) Last but not least, stay healthy, happy and thank God that he allows you to wake up each morning to breath fresh air and walk steady. Not all wealthy but sick or bedridden men can afford such luxury like you now.

6) As the saying goes, though bank poor, you are spiritually wealthy. More good days are yet to come. Remember to keep praying to the one up there (not our govt).


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2 Responses to “Words of wisdom for the unemployed”

  1. Michael says:

    A very enlightening words of wisdom by the author. Maybe a person’s unemployed status is not totally to he blamed or shy about, just keep on searching & who knows u may be able to see ‘light at the end of tunnel’. Probably keep yourself busy by volunteering, mixed & mingle with people who r worse off than us, find new friends & who knows u may find someone with potential ‘job openings’ when ur ‘exposure’ becomes greater. Keep on job-hunting, rejections r no shame but a strength to motivate yourself to find that dream job or career of yours. Or worse, perhaps all else fail, be adventures to overseas assignments, or take up freelancing or temp jobs to help yourself..’god help those who help themselves ‘.

  2. Prabu says:

    For all those who need a job as well as cash immediately, if you are retrenched etc.

    $500 to $ 800 weekly pay out on average.

    Ride a motorcycle or bicycle if you have, if don’t have can be a walker and deliver by foot.

    Own tike, own target, absolute freedom. No boss, you are your own boss.

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