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Thursday March 15th 2018

Jobless PMET feeling hopeless and request for our ebook

Hi Gilbert

I chanced upon your website with great interest.  I have been retrenched for 7 months since last year end July.

I guess you heard the all familiar woes of unemployment state.

Being human, I am no exception.  Many times felt useless and hopeless. I became very doubtful of my ability.

I know I am slipping into depression as I face more job rejections.  I don’t share with my friends either because they seriously do not want to hear mr sob stories.

I hope that I can receive your book and be at least enlightened and turn more positive.

Looking forward to your reply soon.


Editor’s note: We have forwarded our ebook “How to survive unemployment” for her reading pleasure.

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One Response to “Jobless PMET feeling hopeless and request for our ebook”

  1. xyz says:

    The photo used above is so ironic. In Europe you have high youth unemployment due to very pro-worker laws such that it becomes very very expensive to fire or retrench older workers. In Singapore the Employment Act encourages retrenchment & firing by having almost zero cost to the companies, hence companies often churn older workers for younger ones. Those angmoh youths of 18-25 yr olds should come to S’pore — they will be snapped up fast by all sorts of companies especially in talk cock positions like marketing, customer relations, investor relations, etc. The only problem is whether their English standard good or not, especially written.

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