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Monday February 20th 2017

Singaporean complaints about lapses in our government and aid agency

Dear Gilbert,

It all happened in 2013 when my elder sister jointly applied for a flat with my nephew who has been unable to work for the last 4 years due to a traffic accident that occurred in 2010 and Comfort DelGro has since been deliberately delaying the Assessment of Damages through its lawyer ULA.

This issue has been brought to MINLAW’s attention several times but is being ignored. We have sought reforms to the imbalanced law so others will also not have to suffer similar fates.

HDB initially approved my sister’s application but later backtracked when it was discovered she has not enough money after mandatory deduction of the MSS with levy. She then sought the Kaki Bt MP again who at first said he could help. He later tried to evade the issue when he was not able to handle it.

The case was later referred to Eurasian Association in 2014 which HOD agreed to help through her vast contacts in the insurance industry and Lee & Lee firm but disappeared soon after it was revealed she is not able to handle my sister’s and the Association’s other cases, resulting in multiple negligence.

She had in addition, promised a scholarship to my nephew but that did not materialise either.

Hence I hope the public will take note that not everyone who promises something like Donald Trump, will be responsible enough to fulfil it and they should carefully discern whom they really want to take charge of their affairs when the time comes, whether its at the government or municipal level!

Yours faithfully,

Adam Lim


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3 Responses to “Singaporean complaints about lapses in our government and aid agency”

  1. No lapse says:

    I read the story but cannot find the lapse. Only reminder to politicians and civil servants not to make promises

  2. J Y says:

    What are their ages and size of flat they are applying? Singles need to be at least 35 yrs old while the elderly need to be at least 55 yrs old to buy a 2-rm flat. Maybe they can try to apply for a rental flat from HDB first in the interim. It is difficult for the jobless/ disabled/ elderly poor etc. to buy a flat because they will be worried how you are going to pay them. They will also not grant you any housing loan. One needs to show them the CPF statement when buying a flat. They may also not approve your application for housing grants because they will look at your CPF. No job means no flat.

  3. xyz says:

    I think everything hinges on whether you can get a million-dollar payout from Delgro. Unfortunately you’re not in USA where you can get plenty of no-win-no-pay lawyers to fight for you to get $10,000,000 punitive damages. In S’pore if you don’t have video footage or traffic cam of the accident, you’re pretty much on the losing end, especially if the other party is rich. Law & justice in Singapore are usually twisted into the favour of the richer party, unless there is a lot of public outcry and publicity by foreign media.

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