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Thursday January 24th 2019

Indian IT expert from Bangalore looking for suggestions to get a job in Singapore

by blessed23 » Sun, 05 Feb 2017 9:05 pm

Hi Esteemed Members of Group,


Need your thoughts/advice. I am from India (based in Bangalore, India too) and have 6+  years of work experience in Web Analytics/Audience Development. I’m looking for a job in Singapore in the same division.

I know the job situation is not so very pretty as how it used to be 3-4 years (probably) ago. But considering the work experience and the department, do you have any insight, how good my case would be?

I once visited Singapore in 2015 and loved the place a lot. Actually in many sorts better than New York. My personal opinion.

Also, one of my cousin who is working in IT in Singapore for many years, got PR 3 years ago. If I put his reference in my CV, will that make any difference? Or should I don’t put that reference since it may have negative impact in any sorts?

Could someone please help.

Many thanks for your precious time!


by Wd40 » Sun, 05 Feb 2017 10:48 pm

Reference helps only if the person who is referring you belongs to the same company in which the job opening is.

Job market in Singapore is in pretty bad shape. It’s almost impossible for someone from overseas to land a job here unless you are special.

BTW, PR is pretty useless in Singapore. I know a Indian colleague of mine who is a PR and in IT. He did a big mistake of quitting his job before finding another one. Now it is 7 months and he is still jobless. Many people tried to help him by referring him in their organizations. But nothing has clicked so far. One of the big thing against him is he has crossed 40. Ageism is very rampant here. Getting PR is impossible. Yet having PR is also a liability. My friend tells me, he applied via the govt job bank but no company has called him. He had better success rate via monster and linked in. Jobsbank is hogwash.

To OP, my suggestion, look for good company in Bangalore that will send you onsite. Don’t be picky about New York or Singapore. It is not easy to get onsite anywhere these days.

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One Response to “Indian IT expert from Bangalore looking for suggestions to get a job in Singapore”

  1. xyz says:

    Haha even the foreign workers are having things harder. And this is not really to do with PAP so-called clamping down on foreigner imports, but more to do with many industries experiencing weak economy, stiffer competition, lower profits etc. Many of these industries have history of high wages & like to employ foreign PMEs e.g. IT, banking, oil & gas, chemical processing.

    Another thing that foreigners realized now is that ageism is institutionalized in Singapore. They realized too late that many of them get jobs not becoz they are good but becoz they were young. Now when older, many of them discover that companies no longer interested in them.

    Same thing with PR status / new citizenship and the Jobsbank. Only when they are jobless themselves then foreigners realise how useless these things are. That is why 99.99% of foreigners will not convert to citizenship, and why they are here in Singapore to milk as much money as possible before retiring to their home countries as millionaires.

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