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Saturday January 13th 2018

PMET used to earn $8500 relocated to Cambodia earning $4500/month but enjoying it

Hi Gilbert

Sorry for late reply, I’m always flying around.

My last drawn pay was roughly 8,500 SGD per month prior to my resignation. I am humbled by the interest, and I note some of the comments too. I think many people are more focused on how I defined my seniority in terms of rank, and how my lifestyle was like, and totally missed the whole point of the story.

Right now, my monthly pay is a lot less than what I used to take: I make around SGD 4,500 –> mediocre by Singapore standards, but here in Cambodia, very, very luxurious. And it’s a misconception that there is nothing to spend on, because Phnom Penh is actually booming. We live in a 2 bedroom unit at one of the newer condo units here, and in reality, it’s comparable to the ones you find at Novena area because it’s high expat population.

In short, my pay may be a lot less, but I’m living the standards of what an expat in Singapore would be enjoying.

Yes, I would be more than happy to answer a questionnaire. As for catching  up, not likely anytime soon, because I don’t plan to go back for a while until my job has stabilised.



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6 Responses to “PMET used to earn $8500 relocated to Cambodia earning $4500/month but enjoying it”

  1. xyz says:

    CONGRATS SAMUEL!! Good for you!!

    Yes, $4500 is a very very good pay in Cambodia. The average pay of a local there is about $200. This is similar to Singapore in the late-60s / early-70s, where angmoh expats were the ones getting $5K-$10K while locals getting $200-$400.

    The only thing is private medical is expensive (must have expat-type medical insurance), as well as international schooling also expensive if got kids.

    Buy & eat local and save most of your salary. Hopefully you’re also renting out your S’pore property. Save as much as possible and learn how to make safe & steady investments.

    I know many people in their mid-40s getting $60K to $100+K annually from stock dividends. Another few more have investment properties and collecting regular rentals. But most important is to learn how to do it properly & with big margin of safety in order to stay the course during recession or downturn.

  2. Thistoo Shallpass says:

    Gilbert, I thought you are against foreign talents going to another country and taking good paying jobs from the locals. Shouldn’t we all be telling Samuel to come back to Singapore and not mess up the job market in Cambodia?

  3. No foreigners says:

    Agree with Thistoo. The author should not be selfish to steal job from the Cambodians. He should be honourable by returning the stolen job.

  4. Fresh says:

    You guys are silly. He obviously got the job because he was the right match and likely no available local was able to do it. Why can’t you just be happy for him? Did you want him to be jobless in Singapore?

  5. xyz says:

    From some of the responses here, I’m not surprised that PAP is still in power and even after getting screwed in the ass by PAP they are still happy to vote PAP. Samuel is an example of the “right type” of FT — i.e. those that have skill sets not available among the local population & need to pay extraordinary salary to get them in. Samuel’s salary of $4500 is AT LEAST 15X the average pay in Cambodia. A similar FT in Singapore will be paid $52,500 PER MONTH salary. That’s the type of FT S’pore needs. Not those chiak liao bee FTrashes on S-pass and low-end E-pass earning $2.5K to $10K ONLY. These are the type of jobs that any Sinkie can be found to do. S’pore is over-run with FTrashes doing jobs with no-to-little special skills and clogging up our living spaces renting in HDB & low-end condos and clogging up our common spaces in GPs, hospitals, food courts, malls, roads, MRT, buses, etc etc.

  6. V says:

    can anyone link me up with Samuel?

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