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Thursday January 18th 2018

Jobless Malay PMET trying to stay positive despite the ordeal

Hi Gilbert,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I would also like to thank you for the ebook. I have read it over the weekend.

It did help me in terms of straightening my priorities right now.

My mind was in such a constant blur.

Though I am not done reading, I have implemented some suggestions.

I made myself a vision board to surround myself with positive goals.

Tuesday, I will going down to Woodlands CDC to ask for some help and I am also searching for Telemarketer jobs.

Regarding the junior purchaser position, I can send in my resume by this afternoon.

Would like to know who do I address the cover letter to?

I do see where you are coming from with Companies preferring Mandarin speaking candidates.

I have made peace with that. I am now looking forward to going back to school end month.

Reading your reply, I am ready to reconsider my dilemma being posted online without my name and details.

I do want to help my community as I know majority are very reserved.

Thank you so much again. I will finish reading the book and email you regarding my progress in a month?

Warm regards,


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