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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Jobless 39-year-old PMET suffering from anxiety attacks and seeking help

Dear Gilbert,

My name is Alvin, I am 39 this year.

It was my own fault for quitting my last job in the IT line.

Although I am only 1.5 months out of a job, I am having anxiety attacks from joblessness.

I went to seek help from a psychiatrist + IMH.

Seems I’ve gotten much better after last Thursday (thanks for good energy). Gone are the panic attacks – symptoms being extreme anxiety, churning stomach and heart palpitations, sleeplessness. I think it even gave rise to a low grade fever. Only thing now was that my body is tired (after the adrenaline rush) and I needed to nap in the afternoon.

Hope I can help people in future too. The feeling was hellish – not something you want anyone to go through.

Will it be possible to speak to you or a counselor?

I would also like to have a copy of your ebook “How to survive unemployment”.

Thanks and bless you


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