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Saturday January 13th 2018

Request for aid for 80-year-old homeless man who sleeps in Macdonald

Dear Sirs,

The following photo was taken at Bugis Village MacDonald which shows an abandoned 80-year-old Eurasian gentleman who introduced himself as Uncle Patrick de Souza.

He relates that his house was repossessed by HDB in 1987 due to arrears and he has been homeless since, putting out at makeshift tents in Sungei Rd Market before its closure on 2015.

He has been seeking the help of Heng Chee How from 1997 to redress his grievances and get a 2-room rental but all in vain. He then sought Mr Pritam Singh in 2011 but Mr Singh is unable to help him due to constituency boundaries. His case was then escalated to Kampong Kapor Methodist and Eurasian Association but they declined to help him either, citing complexities.

A Mr Ram from EA even publicly called him a thief at events due to the location he lived.

I hope someone can visit him at the location cited and render the aid he needs as he’s very sickly with bloated tummy and swollen legs. He does not possess the PGP benefits as he’s deemed homeless and SSO claims they cannot assist with such cases.

Only good thing that came out of this is the kind MacDonald manager who allows him to “stay” there in view of his plight and even offers him food & beverages.

Yours faithfully,
W P Fang

PS: please do not let him die in the streets alone, with his heavy baggage of belongings and no one by his side.

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2 Responses to “Request for aid for 80-year-old homeless man who sleeps in Macdonald”

  1. xyz says:

    Worse case is the govt will house him in IMH or Pelangi Village. I’ve encountered such cases before. Usually for destitute people who cannot work & have health problems & also cannot really look after themselves. Govt knows that giving him a 1-rm rental flat + welfare to cover the rent also no use — coz after a few months, these people will owe money for utilities, cannot cope with health issues and will keep asking people around for money for food/drinks/cigarettes etc etc.

  2. Peter Kroll says:

    Pay his doctor fees and if he get well again, then give him a simple task. We have a 86 yo guard in our condo. Why not?

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