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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Foreigner on EP wants to quit as admin staff after 2 months at NTU

by ventolin » Sun, 22 Jan 2017 12:02 pm


So I’ve been working at NTU as an admin staff now for 2 months on an EP. But things just don’t feel right for me. The job scope doesn’t seem like a good fit for me and personally I am facing some struggles living in Singapore (I have never lived in a big city like this). I am thinking to resign by giving a 14 days’ notice but I’m not sure if I can do that (the employment is for a one-year contract, but either party may terminate it with a notice).

Should I just submit a resignation letter and move on? I feel bad because they have conducted the staff search, interviews, dealing with MOM and HR… and the staff have been welcoming and warm. But I really doubt I can stay here for a long time.


by sundaymorningstaple » Sun, 22 Jan 2017 10:42 pm

You will have to give 1 months’ notice as the IRAS requires the employer to file a tax clearance (IR-21) 1 month before your final day of work. Additionally they will have to withhold any and all salaries from the time of your notice until they receive the tax clearance and pay your taxes. They will be required to deduct those taxes from your final paycheque. If you have been here less than 60 days and are leaving the country you will be given tax free status. However, if you have been here over 60 days (employed or not) but less than 183 day, you will be considered non-resident at will be taxes at a flat 15%. Should you subsequently find a new job, then any excess taxes you paid will be applied to your taxes at the end of the tax years once you final taxes have been re-figured.

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5 Responses to “Foreigner on EP wants to quit as admin staff after 2 months at NTU”

  1. Texas says:

    Useless University … cannot imagine a loser cannot take such lousy academic !!!

    The evil tyrant infamous speech … “Foreigners help to create good jobs for Singaporeans “

  2. Chey says:

    This foreigner just wasting everybody’s time. And wasting space that can be filled by more worthy people

  3. xyz says:

    Not just waste everybody’s time, but also wasted a lot of taxpayer money (NTU receives most of its budget from MOE). I won’t be surprised if most of the middle managers & hiring managers in NTU (and also NUS and SMU) are foreigners, hiring their own kind. This fucker foreigner sounds like ah neh or peenoi (not many cheena or Burmese hired as admin staff in English-speaking environment). BTW EP for admin staff seems to be overkill — the minimum salary for EP now is $3,600/mth. Many Sinkies are more than willing to work in admin role for $3,600 salary & I can bet any Sinkie will work longer than 2 months especially in a relatively senang admin office environment.

  4. vtgybhujk says:

    Hi FT, ya, go back to your country better. As there are many Singaporeans here really need your job, whether it is 1.7 or 2k.

    • xyz says:

      The writer said he/she is on EP. EP used to be minimum salary of $3300. But from 1st Jan 2017 the minimum salary is now $3600. For $3++K salary many many Sinkies will jump at the chance to work in air-con admin office, pushing mouse & keyboard typing & filing papers. Even if office is located in ulu NTU.

      From the writing, the foreigner doesn’t seem high-level. For such admin jobs, even local diploma holders can do it for $2.5K salary. No special skills needed.

      1 question need to be asked is how come NTU, a govt-related Uni that collects most of its money from taxpayer thru MOE, has to hire a foreigner EP for admin job?!?! If its for some high-level academic professor position then OK I nothing to say, but come on … admin job?!?!

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