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Saturday January 13th 2018

58-year-old PMET sharing her unemployment experience

I am 58 now and have experience loss of jobs many times. Sometimes its due to economy, sometimes due to the politics in the office.

The first time was the hardest. It took me 6 months to bounced back. I feel depressed and everyday ask why me. Then one day I read the book The Secret and I felt reenergised. I started thinking positive – believe that when one door is closed many others will open.

So I keep on saying that I am very good in what I do and I got the job in a few days’ time. In addition to positive thinking I sent 10 CVs daily, I call out friends to tell them I am looking for job, register with headhunters and go on the web and apply for similar jobs all over the world.

I got a job in Jakarta which pays me better than my last job and provides me the opportunity to lead a team. Once we are depressed we cannot focus on getting a job. Remember you are not alone. Go for training by NTUC, you meet people in the same “boat’ so you do not feel alone, you meet people who want to help you. I am not a NTUC member but I still was invited to go for the training.

Now instead of working for people, I do my own consultancy work and work from where I want to work. If you need to talk to me let me know, I will be happy to share my experience on how to handle everything when you out of job from your mental state to emotional health among others.

Suzana binte Ahmad

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2 Responses to “58-year-old PMET sharing her unemployment experience”

  1. Responsible says:

    Very responsible of you. Instead of complaining and blaming, you chose to strive to find jobs.

  2. Panda Jack says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am 41yr old and worry about jobless matter constantly even though I am working now. Despite the company uncertainties, I will keep on fighting to support my family as the sole breadwinner!

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