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Thursday January 24th 2019

Pro-government critic’s rant on unemployment and foreign worker policy

I enjoyed reading your website as it is informative and also know about a lot of things that are happening in Singapore as media is super fast nowadays.

But there are couple of things that really puzzled me which I would like to share:-

1) Unemployment - This is supposed to be a site for unemployment support. But there are many who write in asking for money support. In a lowly term, this is called begging for money as a beggar. In a more educated level, it means asking for support for money.

Don’t¬†these people who wrote were not able to understand the meaning of this support? Should have to look for it at Government support. The Government has more money and have good reasons to help too. Yes, they need to help but also not necessary. The Government¬†don’t owe the people a living.

I read of one¬†incident that a lady came to ask for money because her husband is jobless now and owe 3 months rental of S$170/-. I mean, this couple should have not laid 5¬†children especially its very expensive here to support them. We know no matter what we do, there must be a way to ‘What If….’ I am jobless?

Of course having 5 children is great but only with money.

I think for each child we have, our income should be S$2,000/- in order to live okay. Five children means you need a combined salary of S$10,000/-.

These parents are supposed to save money for their retirement as CPF funds are not enough. But because of the five children living expenses, their supposed to save money are all used up by them.

So who to blame?

If only a child and the parent seek for help maybe we can help. But now….I would rather give money to charity¬†organizations than to give these couples.

I know I maybe talking rudely but I am talking about facts.

My own parents have five children hence when my dad brought back a packet of noodles, it must be shared by five of us. What if only 2 kids? Then we have more to use and less to share.

2) A little bit of stress, want to die?

Then there are the next group who write in to say stress or jobless making them wanting to die. We are all throw with stress in our life. Learn to take stress and stop thinking of suicides. I know its easy to say that do. But good or bad, life goes on.

Be someone who act like upright rather than die.

If someone wanted to die, then go do it as the world still goes around the sun even if you die. Who cares. I find Singaporeans mostly cannot take stresses like these because all these years we were taken care by the Government. We cannot expect the Government requirements of taking good care of everyone. So what if there are highly paid or you voted for them. A grain of rice feeds many different kind of people.

Singaporeans loves to complain and complain. I wondered besides complaining from their mouth what else can they do? People are forever not satisfied. If give them this, they wanted more and it goes on and on.

They brought in more foreigners to build up the population gap as we are very small in size. Then people complained foreigners took away their jobs. I think the population should be bigger as this means market better. Properties can get higher due to demands. Retail shops business also better and this lead to many other things getting better due to a market size.

Suppliers love bigger market because it means bigger sales and more profits. Just because you are sacked or replaced by foreigners means you hated it. But spare a thought for others who think a bigger market better.

When the market is huge there are bound to be more busy but also more competition. When there are competition then people will improve and fight hard to stay alive. If market is better the companies will hire more people so everything lead to this to that in a way.

You expect higher salaries, population small, commodities cheaper, properties cheaper still? What kind of thinking is this?

It is because Singaporeans cannot accept competitions so they always complain and complain.

You people expected Government do not have high salaries but must run the country into a great economy. The Singapore economy is¬†affected by the world’s affairs and not how they run it. We are a small population country. We are so small till most items must be imported. No point in creating new products as it cannot live by. China or US are huge so many things are created and they do not need the world to buy them. I mean their own population can support their own brands. Even¬†Malaysia with much higher population can build their own cars because they can sell to their own people at a cheaper rate.

If you are rich, buy imported items but if you are not, go for local created products. But Singapore is so small that all must be imported and its expensive.

Just because the Government takes higher salaries means they must do well for the country. But who says the Government must have lower salaries because they are serving their country? Then no one will work for the Government. Everyone goes to private companies. I bet you no one wants to serve the country.

There is not such a thing that says love your country and get lower paid. Then corruption gets higher. If your mindset is this then better change the country policy into a mindset like North Korea. Everyone are paid equally, no luxury things. Maybe even less to eat because the economy will be bad if you are closed.

Then if salaries are equal, those jobs that need to do more work will complain and become less hardworking because work so hard also the same salaries like a guard. Then how? Complain again?

Like this also¬†don’t like then current situation also difficult and hated it. Then how? Give you high salaries will also no guarantee you can run Singapore to what you want. You pay peanuts you get monkey.¬†Opposition parties will never run the country because they can never find brainy people to run it. All or most brainy people will join private companies or are also taken by Government.

Please¬†don’t tell me you said I am willing to accept lower salary when I run the country. Yes you may for a start do it but as you use lots of your time to run the country then you will be unhappy with such a low salary. Then what happens? It will lead to more¬†corruption practices. Simple.

Even a mega church pastor also getting high salary. So they are serving the people and God means give them low salary? This maybe in the 60s and not now.

Don’t¬†be a baby and complain and complain when face with¬†competitions.

But rather find ways to hold onto your employment through more work, improving yourself. Then someone will say I do all these and my life is still sucks. Then how?

Yes.¬†Don’t expect things get better if you do this. Its the same as one saying higher education means better jobs. This also come to a word ‘Luck’. When some are able to live on well because they are luckier than you. So luck or no luck¬†doesn’t come from the Government. Its in your life.

Learn to accept if you have done your best. If you think why I am so unlucky and wanted to think of suicide then its your luck that lead you to die and no one to be blamed. Your life is this.

Wang Feng

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2 Responses to “Pro-government critic’s rant on unemployment and foreign worker policy”

  1. You Die Your Business says:

    Wang Feng – does this even sound like a Singaporean’s name to you?

    No, I can bet dollars to doughnuts that this fellow is some PRC dude.

    This most probably is another Yang Yin in the making trying to get into the good books of the PAP govt.

    Parasites like him rant and diss local citizens because they benefit out of the sell out policies the SG regime adapts to.

    Hey you Cheena worm, leeches such as you love sucking up to the aristocrats because you have a hidden agenda. Don’t even pretend that you care ok?

    People should ignore your words totally and treat you like some crazy stray dog barking.

  2. Dunno Trumps says:

    The author is trying to plp the whites men so that he/she can become one of the royal club members Mah. But then this author barks on a wrong tree who think that he/she can get notice. It’s so considerate of him/her without understanding the situation & plight of the unemployed & underemployed here. ‘Wind water take it’s rotation’ for one day the author will land the same plight as the people that he look down on this website..

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