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Sunday January 14th 2018

Flyer distributor cheated of $20 pay for 1000-flyer distribution

After completion of the job, I was accused that I did not do my job at all and that none of the units out of the blocks assigned was given any flyers. After that, he demanded me to return all the leftover flyers.

However, I realised that he gave me more than 1000 pieces at the beginning (which I did not count). This is just a scheme so that he could accuse me of not giving out any flyers at all at the end of the day. Furthermore, he states that I should pay him instead!

Even though the web state that the pay would be 1000 pieces $20, I was given 2 types of flyer to give out which should be 2000 pieces but they were only counted as 1000 pieces.

I find it meaningless to argue with this unethical, irresponsible, disrespectful and prevaricator employer that I decided to forego my pay. Thus, they are just people who scheme to hire people as free labour.

Please avoid working with them.

These are their contact number:
Melvin +60177217996 / +65 8264 3654
Ivan +6581130379 / +6598571007

The companies that I am giving out flyers for are:
1. Vision Lab Eyewear
2. Singapore Estate Agency(SEA)
-flyer promoting for James Lim(R000919B)
- email:
- Hp: 9777 1709

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a post in Blacklisted Companies.

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