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Wednesday January 17th 2018

Lady PMET unfairly terminated due to a job application elsewhere

Hi Mr Gilbert,

I need a piece of advice from you.

My General Manager was being informed by her hotel friend about me submitting my resume for a job application (I was not called up for interview). With this reason, the company decided to terminate me and asked me to submit my resignation letter to company.

I insist not to, because I don’t intend to resign. Since the company wants to terminate me, I want to get the letter of termination from the company instead.

They had given me the letter today.

There is no reason for my termination and I have to serve a one month notice?! Which I don’t intend to since they are saying my heart and soul is not with the company.

I strongly believe the company needs to have a reason for terminating me. Looking for other job opportunity is not an act of misconduct.

And I hope you can help me with this? I have yet to sign on the letter of termination.

Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for your help!



Hi Shirley

Thanks for your mail and sorry to hear of your predicament.

Right now, company can terminate any staff anyhow sometimes without proper proof and reason.

There is also no where that you can seek proper redress as both MOM and TAFEP are rather toothless when it comes to litigation matters regarding unfair dismissal.

Given the nature of the circumstances I doubt its also easy for you to stay on and continue working.

Its also clear that perhaps your service is not so stable with this company and they find the slightest reason to terminate you? I am just speculating.

The one-month termination notice should be specified from your contract. Please check.

One only hopes that you can learn something out of the whole ordeal.

Stay strong.

Best regds


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8 Responses to “Lady PMET unfairly terminated due to a job application elsewhere”

  1. You Die Your Business says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Obviously you are not satisfied with your current workplace, if not you will not be seeking job opportunities elsewhere.

    However, if your GM cared, she would have at least talked to you and find out why you are looking right now, and if she wanted to keep you, she would have worked out a better offer for you.

    To terminate a staff simply because they know you are job hunting is kind of pathetic. It clearly demonstrates that your company, or at least your GM does not value your work with them, that they are ready to cut you loose at any slightest hint of problems. I wont be surprised the turn over is very high under this GM.

    My advice:
    There is no point staying in a place that does not recognize what you do for them.

    But, take that 1 month notice period as a blessing in disguise, because you will still have an additional month of income while you can look for jobs in the meantime.

    If I were you, I will gladly use my work hours to look for jobs openly. They cant fault you for it anymore since that is exactly why they are terminating you, then might as well do it all the way !!

  2. Loyalty says:

    Seems that your boss values loyalty. Suppose the other company offers you double your salary, will you resign? Will your resignation be fair?

    • You Die Your Business says:

      What are you talking about? Loyalty of workers in this age is simply hogwash and simply meaningless.

      If an employer can drop and replace workers at any moment’s notice, without any form of repercussion, what then is the value of employee loyalty?

      If the company is a good place to work for, why do you think she will be applying for jobs elsewhere?

      Why are you even asking a dumb question when the answer is OBVIOUS>

      Suppose another company pays you double the wage for the job you currently do, are you not going to make the jump yourself?

      Don’t tell me your answer will be to stay on in your current company because of some perceived company loyalty ok?

      You are so full of bullshit.

      • usha says:

        Agreed 100% that there is no such thing as employer loyalty these days.

      • Loyalty says:

        I agree. If you are prepared to quit unfairly due to higher offers from another company, it is only fair that your employer can do the same.

        If an employee can be terminated unfairly, can the same employee also resign unfairly?

  3. You Die Your Business says:

    Just what nonsense are you blabbering about? Resign unfairly?

    If another company provides me a higher offer, and I quit my current job to get the better package, how is that unfair?

    So are you implying that every worker should not quit their jobs when they get better offers because this is unfair to the company ?

    Screw you !! To hell with your piece of crap !!

    In case your brain is not the size of a golf ball, all contracts will require an employee to serve a notice period before leaving employment or pay salary in lieu.

    As long as I serve the stipulated notice period as stated in the contract, how can it be unfair?

    What losses do companies exactly suffer? None whatsoever !!

    How in these days that anything can be unfair to the employer, when everything is pro-business? When there are no legislations to properly protect workers in the first place?

    There is not even a level playing field from the start, yet we have this baffoon running his dumb mouth about unfairness.

    Please work on your grammar in putting legible points across before even flapping your gums, you imbecile !!

  4. Loyalty says:

    Fully agree. If termination of employer with proper notice is not unfair then the reverse is also not unfair.

  5. xyz says:

    This company is real cheapskate and with integrity issues some more. If want to terminate why not do what 100% other companies do?? Ask the worker to leave immediately & pay the worker 1 month salary in-lieu of notice. This is standard HR practice (1)to avoid the terminated staff from hanging around to sabotage the workplace, (2)to avoid staff morale issues by having the terminated staff badmouthing the company/mgmt or engaging in vicious gossip and (3)avoid affecting productivity or customers by expecting the terminated staff to still continue her duties.

    The fact that this company terminates a worker but still expect the worker to continue working 1 month instead of the company paying 1 month salary in-lieu tells me that this company sucks big time.

    And the reason for termination is also not clear. Izit for “bad performance” like in Surbana case? Or izit the manager don’t like your face? Or feel insulted by your looking elsewhere for other jobs? You should lodge a formal complaint with MOM. You can twist this into another case of HIDDEN RETRENCHMENT.

    There’s a chance you can arm twist the company into retrenching you instead of sacking you. And if you’ve worked there for at least 2 years, you can work with MOM to seek retrenchment payments.

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