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Tuesday January 16th 2018

SIM graduate jobless for 6 months but recently found work in the banking sector

Hi Gilbert,

I am a recent graduate from SIM University. Ever since, my last exam paper ended in May I have been actively looking for job and sending out many resumes to the banking and finance industry.

However, I only manage to secure 7-8 interviews so far. Even though, I have attended these interviews I could not land a job. One of the main interview questions that I have encounter is why do I want to make a switch from sales in oil and gas industry to the banking industry.

Actually the real reason is that I do not have any interest in this particular position and industry, I took up the job because at that period of time I have to pay for my Uni school fees.

I knew my interest from the start have always been in banking and finance sector as there are quite a number of roles that I am keen in.

It is however hard to land a banking and finance job as I am lacking experience and my age is already 30 years old. I have been trying for months, and during this period I am faced with constant rejection emails or no reply.

Sometimes, I have been thinking should I give up the career that I wish to pursue? During this period of time, I seeked out my networks, friends and families for help and ask whether there are any career vacancies in these particular sector but their reply was that there is no vacancies or things like my boss would need people with experience.

I told them that if they do not give fresh graduate or people without prior experience a chance, how are they going to explore these areas as an option? After hearing what they told me, I felt lost and depressed.

Hoping Gilbert you could give me some advice.

Thank you



Editor’s note: We have seen the writer and happy to report that he has recently found a job in the banking and financial sector – something that he likes and hope to excel in.


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  1. Unfair says:

    So unfair. I am 45 and still cannot get a job in a bank.

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