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Wednesday June 20th 2018

Crane operator at V3 Construction serves one month’s notice but not paid full salary of $5000

Dear Mr Gilbert,

I am at my wit’s end and I hope writing to you and sharing my story will help provide my hubby some hope to fight for his right as an employee.

Previously, my husband has worked in a building and construction company as a crane operator. As my husband and few other operators were asked to perform overtime but without extra pay, he decided to tender his resignation and was asked by the company to serve a month’s notice.

Prior to his resignation notice, he was not allowed to operate the crane and without having negative thoughts, he just hang around within the work premises. After he completed his service with the company, he waited for his salary to be paid. That was after he found out that the company did not want to pay a single cent as he did not operate the crane.

He has already filed his case to MOM and they have already finalised that the company will only pay my husband $1040 out of $5000. He decided to go to small claims to fight for his right and is asked to attend for another hearing.

I have attached a few documents to let you have a look into the matter. This is just sharing and we are hoping that you are able to guide or give us some advice.

Thank you for taking your time to read my email.

Yours sincerely


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2 Responses to “Crane operator at V3 Construction serves one month’s notice but not paid full salary of $5000”

  1. Not employee says:

    Dear Madam,

    Your words are inconsistent with the contents of the letter. According to the letter your husband is a subcontractor. Not an employee

  2. Mohd says:

    Must read the letter carefully. Don’t happy happy sign. Now who is at fault. YOU

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