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Saturday January 13th 2018

Victim lost $13000 in Cuffz Holdings scam investment


I am one of the victim of the said company scammed target and I lost $13k SGD. I saw your post online gathering victims.

I understand the police’s stand of classifying the matter under civil suit or rather breached of agreement and won’t investigate into it due to the fact that the documentation did not indicate any promise of a return in the investment.

However this case is a fine line between cheating and civil suit. If we are able to gather victims to lodge a report together, we will be able to convince the police into indicating it as a cheating offence and they will investigate into the matter.

You can contact me via xxx.



Editor’s note: we have advised the writer to make a police report together with any documents that they have gathered.

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4 Responses to “Victim lost $13000 in Cuffz Holdings scam investment”

  1. Ms Chong says:

    WOW! Shin Min Daily News has increase the ball game!
    Cuffz Holding (The Islandia) scam investment are up on the NEWSPAPER

  2. Toh says:

    3 of my cousins were conned by them, when I first came to know, I insisted to them that this is a scam and I called up CAD but they said there is no case unless there is proof of any crime taking place.

    These brothers set up various companies and conduct all these scam, they seem to know all the loop holes and able to get out safely

  3. Linda says:

    Title Caption Error: It’s Cuffz Holding (CH Assets International)

    - Latest scam businesses running

    1. International Entrepreneurship Programme / Platform Ptd Ltd
    2. 300 Percent Positive (300% Positive / Three Hundred Percent Positive) Pte Ltd

  4. tjian says:

    I am one of the victim from Malaysia, is that a way for me to claim this and report repestive authority in Singapore.

    Is this company still active and can i know what is the current status.

    Thank you.

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