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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Jobless overseas PMET finally found work and contributing back to society

Hi Gilbert

I came across your website, I am impressed for what you have done.

Let me briefly introduce myself, I am Jackson Phua, been away for many years, back to Singapore about 3 years ago, due to my daughter operation. In the last 3 years, I faced many problems to secure a full time job. I did freelance training and consulting works, while driving taxi, for living. I never give up looking for job – a good job.

Although I try to get help to e2i, WDA…etc, but result was not good. The feedback I received was I am “over-qualified”. Never the less, I still continue to send in my resume, and exploring different segments of business opportunity. Eventually, I got an offer from an passenger who took my taxi.

I always believed there are always opportunities out there, we just need to keep pushing and eventually, we will get it.

Gilbert, I wish I can help to contribute more to people who are in need of sharing and helping them to get their “next-job”. In the past 3 years, while looking for job, and driving taxi, the greatest thing I learn is the mindset changes, which help me get through the tough period.

Please let me know how can I help, although my current job do required some traveling, but I believed I can help to share some ideas to people who are  still looking for the “next-job”.

By the way, I am also planning to join some local social enterprise who help local SME to venture oversea. I enclosed my resume for your kind consideration and advice.


Best regards


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