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Wednesday January 16th 2019

Foreigner came with high hopes but now jobless, homeless and no money

Dear Gilbert,

I came to Singapore with high hopes of securing a job with decent salary, however as the in-take date has been delayed for 2 months, I was left with no income.

My family in Malaysia assumed that I have started my job and I did not tell them that it is not as I do not wish to burden them.

When I was here I had been staying at hostels and out of desperation I took money from my bunk mate to pay the rent. As of now my passport has been kept by the police, my company knew about this and withdraw my application.

As of today, I have zero money, no place to stay and I do not know what to do.


Editor’s note: We have refer the writer to HOME or TWC2 as our resources are geared towards homegrown Singaporeans.

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5 Responses to “Foreigner came with high hopes but now jobless, homeless and no money”

  1. Pro foreign says:

    I blame it on the pro Singaporeans government. The 70 percent must be held accountable.

  2. usha says:

    Just be honest and tell your family what is happening.
    Go home first and return when commence the job.
    It is because you are not honest to your family that you have so much problems. What is a family for? to share the good and the bad times. You have to be honest and don’t fill yourself with so much stress.

  3. See says:

    The writer must have been brainwashed by the media on how easily foreigners can come to steal jobs from Singaporeans.

    Now that she failed, she expects us to help her?

  4. xyz says:

    This Mandy is unbelievable. First she is simply an economic parasite out to get the highest possible paying job while undercutting Sinkies at the same time.

    2nd she still has the gall to expect help for money, accommodation, good paying job, after stealing $$$$ from another person.

    Thirdly, I bet she expects SPF and the Judiciary and the Attorney General Chambers can be bribed with under-table money to drop her case, just like in her home country.

    And fourthly, this Mandy doesn’t appear the least bit sorry or contrite that she stole and broke the law. And most likely stole from another person who also is poor otherwise will not be staying in common hostel bunk.

    In fact she portrays herself as being the victim for stealing from others and now having her passport impounded and being investigated by police. WTF

  5. Pro foreign says:

    I missed it. She actually stole money and expect us to help her. Wow this post will surely be republished by the xenophobic folks to incite hatred against Malaysians.

    Thanks Mandy for giving Malaysians a bad name

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