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Monday January 21st 2019

Human resource lead mocks at Singaporeans unhappy with hiring of Taiwanese Certis security

12 hours for 6 days a week, for $2700… Wow didn’t know nowadays such pay is attractive enough for Singaporeans already, oh wait must throw in free logding too then locals will be attracted.. my toes are laughing!

Qualified locals will join SPF with sign on bonuses of up to $20k why would a Singaporean fight over a $4k sign on bonus when you can have 5x more?

Come on people, learn to put your mind in gear before putting your mouth in motion… There are many avenues for local men and women who wish to join the uniformed services, SAF, SPF, SCDF, ICA, CNB, RSAF, RSN etc all with better pay and career progression, please don’t put us local boys and girls in the same league as foreigners, because seriously most of us aspire to do better, think they are some ex-APOs who have also gave their 2 cents on this topic.

I am surprised Gilbert still claims there will be local graduates who MIGHT be ATTRACTED to such job offers… Oh well whatever floats his boat, each to his own.

Eric Lim

Editor’s note: this comment was posted on one of my FB post. Eric’s FB lists him working as a HR lead at Alpine Engineering Services.

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2 Responses to “Human resource lead mocks at Singaporeans unhappy with hiring of Taiwanese Certis security”

  1. No logic says:

    Hi Eric,

    Please stop rebuking our grievances with your logic. We have the right to criticise the government whenever we want. Stop using logic like those 70 percent fools.

  2. Kyoji says:

    There is a maximum age limit for applying job in SAF, SPF, SCDF, ICA, CNB, RSAF, RSN. Only recent years, some organizations extend the age limit for certain vocations in different scheme such as SAF Military Domain Experts.

    To add on, SAF, SCDF, ICA, CNB, RSAF, RSN is not police job. That is the reason why some join APO rather then other uniform groups. There are also other reasons too.

    However to be fair, there are Singaporeans who wish to join APO but due to FT are much attractive (such as able to work a lot of OT due to no family commitment in Singapore), Management prepare FT over Singaporeans. FT love these jobs because they do not have much daily expense to spend in Singapore due to free lodging and currency conversion rage is very high for them to work few years in Singapore and retired in their home country.

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