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Sunday January 14th 2018

Ex Aetos security officer works 320 hours a month and injures himself

I used to work at Aetos…first day of work was at Woodlands and got activated to do 8-hour duty after finishing “orientation lesson”.

After that continued for 16 hours, person who is taking over didn’t come till later – ended up doing 20-hours shift.

During my 1 year of working there, I clocked about 320 hours a month till I injured both my knees due to over exertion.

I ended up spending my salary to recover by physio, left the job after I recovered. The highest I earned was $3.2k including CPF – was it worth it?

Yes till the point that I injured myself but if I look at the bigger picture, this kind of hard labour is not worth the money. Even bangala construction worker get more rest, I had to endure countless hours checking cars, breathing in fumes and enduring 37c heats during the mid day.

Many think we aux police nothing to do but all I can say is please go and work there since you think it’s an easy job…even a fit commando couldn’t take the work and gave up.

Mr Ng

Editor’s note: this comment was left on my facebook post regarding the proposed hiring of Taiwanese Cisco security guards.

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5 Responses to “Ex Aetos security officer works 320 hours a month and injures himself”

  1. Overdoer says:

    Is the company in breached of the Labour Law when they requested u to do overtime non-stop? Did u worked >12 hrs 6 days continuously without having a break? Have u highlight ur overtime or injury to ur company? If not, u r just another kpkb typical Sporeans doing yourself no good..If u hv highlighted & authority couldn’t do anything, that’s to show our gahmen is good for nothing..its ur own choice..take it or leave or wealth..dun lament but fight on’s a sad employment scene here as many r left in a lurch to fend for themselves..

  2. Abdul Rahim Bin Osman says:

    Please get him to lodge a complain to MOM at once.

  3. Lousy job says:

    Thanks for sharing. Now we know why Certis have to get people from Taiwan.

  4. TJ says:

    This is unacceptable however you should report and seek help from authorities .

  5. lance says:

    the sad things is that uniform group like SAF,SPF,SCDF,CISCO, AETOS are not covered by MOM or could they apply to NTUC or join any union group

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