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Sunday March 26th 2017

UniSIM graduate feeling the heat after 3 back-to-back retrenchments

Hi Gilbert,

I graduated in 2009 from UniSIM. Since then, I have been in 3 different jobs, each lasting about 1 year plus to 2 years. Each job ended in retrenchment, and now my resume looks horrible.

Every interviewer asks why I do not stay long in the company, asks why every previous job retrenched me.

My current job I took it desperately because I was out of job for 5 months (not long compared to others in your website). This is a totally new job scope different from my previous jobs.

Now I am really worried about my next career move (if I don’t get retrenched again) since all my jobs so far have no relevance to each other, each taken up due to a sense of desperation after retrenchment.

It is getting harder to explain to interviewers the big change in industries and the chain of retrenchments.

Do you have any career advice how to proceed in such a situation?


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3 Responses to “UniSIM graduate feeling the heat after 3 back-to-back retrenchments”

  1. Work harder says:

    You can always choose to blame the government. The 30 percent will agree with you. Or work harder

  2. Jacky says:

    1) What you study, does it apply to your job ?
    2) all 3 jobs are not related, hence what kind of working experience you HAVE ?
    3) When you gets retrench 3 times… does it apply to most staff at that period ? or just you alone ? IF just you alone, than start asking yourself the most important wake up question “WHAT the hell did i do wrong to get sack ??!!”
    If economic bad, gets retrench, no words to say, but if retrench due to your working attitude or character, no school nor cert can helps you.

    • Jacky says:

      I get retrenched before, 2 times.
      worked in 3 company, plus current is 4.
      1st company, i resign, cos i seeking of improvement and growth.
      worked 1.5 years
      2nd company, got terminated, worked 5 years, but due to Manager wanted to remove expenses and manpower, i was first in chopping board.
      3rd company, “retrenched”, worked 3 years ++. this I can say I should get it, cos the bosses makes me a fools and played me for months, hence I turn the table and plot the same back to them. Long term battling in mind/psychological war…. with me against them. They though they have won the war by retrench me, but I have planned and plotted my plans long before they can stab me in the back. So in end, the fools celebrating while I have the last laugh (didn’t do any illegal things, but did what is rightfully I deserved. I claim my studies fee, my reservist, my Medical Leaves… my leaves, my entitlement and rights)

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