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Saturday January 19th 2019

PMET’s warning about workplace bullying and unfair practices

Hi Gilbert,

I chanced upon your website and I would like to let you know that your efforts on the site is truly noble and humane.  Your site’s “Blacklisted Companies” come in really handy, especially in today’s working environment but in my humble opinion, I think that this segment can become even more powerful and effective if you make the claimants include more details of why the company should be blacklisted, or post out what happened.

The segment will probably be regarded as one with more integrity and studied upon rather than a channel for ranting which may cause it to be ignored with disdain. I also believe if the site can see more contributions and participation in the likes of social media platforms, the effect will be even better!

I am a 30-year-old who just left a job as a Creative Director. It was my first job ever as I spent the earlier days of my life on my own company, which at one point I passed over to someone else to manage while I decided to be employed, hoping I can find balance in my life.

The experience of being an employee at the age of 28 till now in this particular company really woke me up to the realities of workplace bullying and unfair treatment by employers who exploit the less-informed and even distorted facts and ganged up against personnel who are leaving. As the company constantly hire part-time promoters on-behalf of its clients, I wished I can warn those young men and women walking into a trap.

What I saw over the past 2.5 years brought back flashbacks of ignored and disregarded complaints I used to hear from friends and my own family members who are working.

I sincerely applaud your initiative through and hope to see your portal become a definite stop-by for everyone before going for an interview.



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