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Saturday January 13th 2018

Young PMET’s worry about a foreign-led workforce and ignorant populace

Hi Gilbert,

I came across your website and would like to express my thoughts with you.

Something about myself: I graduated from a local university 2 years back and started working with the local branch of an international company and am currently earning decent money.

However, I cannot say that my future is as bright with so many foreign ’talents’ around. Even in my company, there are plenty of Malaysians and Filipino managers around and locals are reporting to them.

Even though this paints quite a ‘meritocratic’ picture, I feel that this is not sustainable in the long term. One, these FTs are cheaper and depress wages while they will eventually retire back home where the costs are much lower.

Since locals are not sufficiently trained, this becomes a vicious cycle in the long term where Singaporeans are not sufficiently trained with both technical and soft skills for a senior management job. We are then forced to hire more foreigners to fill this position.

Locals are contented (and perhaps I may even say ignorant) so as long as they have a job and staying in their HDB flats and taking the MRT which they attribute as a good job on part of the government.

Look at all the expensive cars and posh condos in Singapore and you will realise the majority of them are owned by foreigners.

As for me, I think there is no more financial security when one reaches the age of 40.  One just needs to get retrenched before he wakes up!


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2 Responses to “Young PMET’s worry about a foreign-led workforce and ignorant populace”

  1. No foreigners says:

    Good insight. Foreigners are the problem. Chase them away and all of us will have high paying jobs for life.

  2. Thistoo Shallpass says:

    Either the foreign talents are willing to take lower wages and depressing the salary of Singaporeans, or they are being paid so well that they can afford to buy up all the expensive cars and condos. You can argue one or the other, but not both at the same time.

    Maybe what the “locals” need is a lesson on logic.

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