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Monday January 14th 2019

Homeless suicidal man’s appeal for HDB rental flat rejected



I have been homeless since the beginning of 2016 and attempted suicide a couple of times but unfortunately I did not die.

Yes my parents do have a four-room flat however they have cut ties with me. My social worker in IMH was shocked when they refuse to come visit me in hospital.  I was hospitalized a couple of times.  Nor did anyone else came.

IMH social workers also find it hard to help me because I do not have serious mental illness

Yes I sold my flat but honestly, who would want to go through divorce just to get that money?  I was devastated when the home I slowly built up from scratch was wrecked. My IT business failed too. I went to pit bottom…

I have tried to enquire if I can purchase a flat but HDB rejected citing I have to form another family nucleus.  I am already devastated from my divorce.  I cannot withstand another heartbreak.  I will confirm jump down from the top of the building.

I am saddened by the facts I have no one to turn to, no family to go to, I am all alone. These few months staying in the vehicle has hit me very hard. I understood what ex convicts undergo when they are released from prison only to be shunned by many including their own family.

Why some chose to return to the prison because they become homeless and returning to prison to them at least they do not need to worry about lodging.  This have worsen my depression and I prayed hoping I do not wake up the next day.

I am appealing to the graciousness of the government to assist me.





Your Ref :
Our Ref : E/RHS/16110039
Date : 20 Dec 2016
Tel : 1800 2255432
Fax :
Email :



Dear Mr XXX

Your request to rent a flat from HDB

We refer to your request to rent a flat from HDB.

HDB rental flats are heavily subsidised to meet the housing needs of needy citizen families who are unable to afford home ownership flats, have no other housing options and have no family support.  A person with family members who own private properties or own HDB flats with room that may accommodate him, would not qualify for a rental flat. To be fair to these needy applicants, ex-HDB lessees who realized substantial proceeds from the sale of their flat would not be eligible to apply for an HDB rental flat.

We note that your parents own a 4-room flat with room to accommodate you.  We encourage you to stay with them for mutual care and support, since family should be the first line of support for those who are in need. Besides, we also note that you have sold a 3-room flat at XXX on the open market in Jan 2012 and received substantial sales proceeds. Hence, it is regretted that we are unable to accede to your request to rent a flat from HDB.

If you need any clarification, please contact our Branch Service Line on1800-2255432.

Yours sincerely

Chan Yirong (Ms)

Senior Estate Manager

Rental Housing Department

Housing Management Group

Editor’s note: We have tried several times to approach the writer to schedule an appointment to see how we can help him but to no avail. We have received several requests to help some homeless people over the past few years but truly its a difficult preposition. There are two homeless shelter in Singapore and their websites are as follows:

1. New Hope community services


If you have a spare room and are able to house a homeless person for a short period please let us know. We can help to offset some rent for the temporary lodging. 

More than a hundred people are currently homeless and many sleep in the airport, overhead bridge and HDB void deck. Many are men and have no priority in our homeless shelter.

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5 Responses to “Homeless suicidal man’s appeal for HDB rental flat rejected”

  1. Suicidal says:

    Who dares to host a suicidal man?

  2. J Y says:

    Can you live at IMH temporarily till you find a better place to stay? Try to ask the social workers there whether you can work and live there until you are financially able to fend for yourself? You can also try to volunteer there while living there to help others worse off than you. Just try to convince them that you are really desperate for a shelter above your head, but you are not looking for a free lunch. You will pay them back when you have the ability to do so, but for the time being, you can only volunteer your time or work for them.

    • YourFather says:

      You will be shocked at the number of mentally ubsohnd ppl stayobg. Tried it got rejected

    • Kyoji says:

      IMH only have 2,000 beds that spread over 50 wards. They do not have enough beds like normal hospital for general illness which is the reason why hospital always push for patient to be discharge and continue treatment as out-patient. So it is not possible to live in IMH as a long term patient or to live there as a volunteer/employee cause no lodging available in IMH. I’m sorry to say that the only way is to be like those homeless Singaporeans who sleep in the airport, overhead bridge, HDB void deck and etc. Free foods can get from places like temple and collect free $10 NTUC voucher from Meet MP Session while waiting for hopeless CDC for any assistance.

  3. Better to go through the proper channels to get help. The key is to be patient and be prepared to wait. Do not have high expectation of help. Stay within the realistic level. As for the medical part, remember to take the medication as directed by the psychiatrist. Seek the help of a counsellor or psychologist if neccessary. When there is a will, there is a way. Don’t give up.

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