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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Ex-employee complained to MOM about unpaid salary and was sued afterwards

Dear Gilbert,

I am very stressed and scared since I left my former company without my salary. I have lodged a claim to MOM for the unpaid salary. The hearing is soon.

But I kept receiving requests from the company to go back to clarify matters and they claimed that I never handover properly.

And today I received a letter saying about how I have a ‘’dont care” attitude which is not true. And they even want to sue me for giving wrong data.

I am not the first person that leave without last month salary, but I believe I am the first to lodge the claim against them.

Please help me because I am  really stressed – it really affects my health and I really can’t move on with my life and can’t even have the courage to find a new job.

I am quite depressed after receiving the letter from the ex-employer for all the false accusation and intention to sue me. I was frightened till didn’t sleep from last nite till now. And it make my blood pressure shot very high with extreme headache.

I am quite calm now though after spoken to TAFEP and my former external accountant.

But I still want so much to share with you what I’ve been through and I believe it is not the end yet.



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One Response to “Ex-employee complained to MOM about unpaid salary and was sued afterwards”

  1. xyz says:

    Just go ahead to make a formal complain to MON, TAFEP and police for the company’s constant harassment tactics as well as non-payment of salary (theft). Then tell the company that if they don’t stop you will STOMP all their threatening letters. Let the whole of Singapore join in the debate & discussion. Where is the proof from the company?? Pls don’t show some BS document that has been created or made up. Where is the real evidence?? Got video or not?!? In the first place I doubt if that company even got a proper & structured handover process with documentary proof requiring signatures from the resigning staff, the immediate supervisor, the dept manager, and the various reps signatures from HR, IT, Estates, Security, etc etc.

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