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Sunday January 20th 2019

Local PMET laid off due to budgetary constraints in bank but FTs still work on

I work in a local bank as a IT contract staff through an agent which also have many Filipino and Indian IT staff.

After my contract completed, my employer extended my contract for another one year and gave me a small increment.

Throughout this contract, there will be some bullying tactics like sabotage from the foreign staff as locals outnumber them. After five months of extension into the contract, my boss suddenly informs me my contract will be terminated in one month’s time stating my projects have already completed and that they are facing with budget issues while the other foreign staff are still working with new contract extension or move on to other new projects.

I feel very unfair as I work very hard during the project phase sometimes late in the night and coming back on weekends and my salary was comparable to those foreign staff.

Is there a way I could bring up this issue to MOM or TAFEC ? Will it be useless? Can anyone care to comment?

One year until now, one of the foreign staff whose performance is weaker than me is still working in the bank and I am jobless.


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3 Responses to “Local PMET laid off due to budgetary constraints in bank but FTs still work on”

  1. FairWok says:

    Problems can try feedback the case to TAFEP –
    Chances r they can’t do anything about it but will monitor the situation. Normally, when a contract ends & the employers don’t wan to renew your contract then that all and move on to next job. There isn’t any employment protection here at all.

  2. George says:

    Who did you vote for in 2015?

  3. xyz says:

    No use complain to MOM or TAFEP. The bank didn’t break any laws or regulations. Singapore employment law is very weak for workers. Sinkies have actually created this situation for themselves. 20-30 years ago when JBJ & CSJ fight against PAP for human rights, all Sinkies laugh at them calling them stupid, crazy, western puppets, mad dogs & saying human rights cannot give money or housing. Only now Sinkies realized that human rights is the basic foundation for laws such as employment laws & property rights. Too bad Sinkies, you need to sleep in the bed you have made.

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