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Tuesday January 15th 2019

37-year-old overseas PMET returns to Singapore and became a taxi driver

Hi Gilbert

I got a ECE dip, years of sales experiences and oversea work experiences. But when I returned to Singapore with my family to find a job, I realized, with only a diploma, my basic pay is forever in range of $1500 to $2000.

Now I had given up searching and become a full time taxi driver.

My life is better now and my family is much happier.

I am not satisfied being a taxi driver forever. It’s just a temp solution as for now. I do know if I continue to drive after a while, I probably cannot even get back into a better job.

I probably needs upgrading. But time may not be on my side. I hope I can talk to someone who can help me. I am only 37.

But also recently announced bankrupt.

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4 Responses to “37-year-old overseas PMET returns to Singapore and became a taxi driver”

  1. usha says:

    Why were u declared a bankrupt.if you take responsibility for your finances this shouldnt be happening.
    Furthermore you have a family.
    Its better for u to be a taxi driver for the r hard to come by and with a diploma it wont be easy to find a well paying job.i can safely say that seeing that a taxi driver can earm more then a diploma holder right now.settle your debts and try to get your finances in order.

  2. Thistoo Shallpass says:

    Is your diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE)? Is your sales experience related to it? Where were you living before returning to Singapore? What kind of jobs were you looking for?

    Don’t give up hope. One nice thing about being a taxi driver is that it is easier for you to go to job interviews.

  3. Texas says:

    Under the evil regime … when you become taxi driver … follow by tissue paper seller later … follow by tin cans and cardboard collector !!!

  4. xyz says:

    Lots of facts not revealed so cannot give any advice. Writer is mainly focused on meeting up with Gilbert or 1 of his freelance counsellors to “explore options”.

    However some other facts I can say:
    1. “only 37″ — in S’pore 35 & above considered old for low-to-mid level PME jobs. As a 37 yr old, employers expect you to compete for VP, GM, senior manager jobs paying at least $8000 basic a month.

    2. “forever in range of $1500 to $2000″ — 19 yr olds newly graduated with local diploma with good grades are securing jobs with starting pay of $2500. It’s whether you have enough grade A’s, GPA > 3.8, internships or experience with big elite organisations and having very good referral letters & commendations. Good performing diploma holders in MNCs or civil service usually hit $4000 basic monthly salary by the time they are 35.

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