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Sunday January 14th 2018

Jobless fresh graduate feeling lost and alone with no hope in the future

Hi Mr Gilbert.

Ever since stumbling upon your blog 3 months back, I have been a regular reader. Ya know, some stories are really scary and as of now I’m unnerved as hell.

I graduated last year (June) with a B.A in social science (hons 2nd lower) & started job-hunting in November last year after taking 4 months off to consider my options. As of now, I’ve been job hunting for 5 months already & nothing has turned out well.

Sat for a total of 7 interviews & nothing worked out. In desperation, I will apply for private sector. You know, I’m starting to feel that I have no future in Singapore. Or Rather, I’m starting to know that I have no future in Singapore because I’ve already been feeling that there’s no future ever since year 2 of my undergraduate studies. I’m having a hard time as of now and I don’t know what to do.

But the one thing that I did right was to renounce all religion and switch to atheism. I’m very convinced that there is no such thing as a god & that life can be divided cleanly into 2 branches. You either enjoy or you don’t.

Mr Gilbert, maybe my email might seem really negative to you, but I’m depressed as f#%k over last 3 months. Even so, I have been constantly learning new stuff over the period of job-hunting. I may have given up on the world, but I have not given up on myself.

Care to pop in some words of advice.
Best wishes,
Lost & alone


Hi Lost & alone

Actually the job market now has changed alot since a decade ago.

Young foreigners have swamped Singapore some armed with just a social visa pass looking for jobs.

They can take a low-paying job as they just want to settle down here.

I am afraid that it will be harder now to look for jobs with such stiff competition as frankly there is little job protection for us.

It may be good to take up something on a part-time basis and move on from there.

Work on a internship programme first if possible as some companies may offer potential job opportunities to good interns.

Good luck anyhow.



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3 Responses to “Jobless fresh graduate feeling lost and alone with no hope in the future”

  1. Usha says:

    You r vwry young.hang in there.apply for several part-tune and contract jobs that u can fo while going for interviews
    Pay s1 to make your resume sound and look more professional.Include part-time jobs with responsibilities instead of just sitting at home.

  2. Desperate 4job says:

    Hi Lost & alone. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Because u aren’t entirely to be blamed for your predicament. You need a lot of self-motivation & determination to go on in life. Spore economy is slowing, need to be pro-active or innovative in looking out for job opportunities ( sometimes volunteering or ‘work 4 free’ as potential recruiters dun know your abilities & skills. Have a belief to a ‘Supreme God’ is vital to keep oneself going. Life is full of ups & downs, it’s cyclic in nature. Remember to grab that opportunity of yours when the door knocks. Good Luck & Best Wishes in your job hunting.

  3. xyz says:

    hmmm, waiting for 4 months to “consider options” before starting to hunt for work is bad idea — thousands of your cohort, many with better results & better degrees, will have a much earlier headstart in securing the better & rarer jobs.

    Also for 5 months just focusing on civil service jobs is severely limiting your chances to get hired. Please remember that civil service now goes for at least 2nd upper honours from “reputable” Unis. If yours is a Oz Uni or part-time/long-distance degree then you better have 1st class honours to even have 10% chance.

    Moreover your major is in the area of “social science” — what exactly? Sociology, psychology, economics, ?? Apart from economics, most employers are not very impress with social science degrees. Even if economics, employers generally want a 2nd upper or 1st class honours.

    You should be very open to SME sector and part-time/temp positions in this current job environment. Another “benefit” to the SME sector is that you can bargain with the bosses e.g. offer to accept diploma pay and build in salary increases if you hit milestones. E.g. start at $1,500 and increase by $500 if you hit 1st milestone (e.g. sales targets, project completion, dept revenue target, etc) and another $500 if hit 2nd milestone etc etc.

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