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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Pioneer SMU accounting graduate giving advice to a jobless SMU graduate

Hi Ivan

I am your senior from the pioneer accounting batch of 2001 and graduating pioneer batch of 2004 (yes I left in 3 years).

I have been with accounting firms from Big to small , LLP to SME , for 12 years and my advice for you is to still focus on accounting firms big and small.

Accountancy is statutorily required so even shell companies need to file accounts to ACRA, even one-page entry saying they didn’t do anything worth mentioning. and just paying filing fees. Pick up the relevant certification in your specific field if you have not, CPA if you are an auditor, ATP if you are doing tax; if you have no specific fields in your CV then you need to choose one.

I did book keeping work even for a while as long as its related to my main line of work in corporation taxation.

And for goodness sake don’t ask for a Big Four firm salary – I am still maintaining my employability by keeping my asking amount low and not expect to be paid like a manager at PWC like my peers would be.

Yeeloong Ong

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