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Wednesday January 16th 2019

46-year-old jobless PMET suffering from depression and feeling anxious

Hi Gilbert

I’m 46 and a degree holder, but I’m finding it difficult to find a job given that I don’t have the relevant skills and experience in many of the job offerings.

I am also suffering from anxiety, panic, and depression and thinking of whether I should see a psychiatrist or not.

My doctor suggested that I get help from family and friends, and he gave me a referral letter to the hospital for depression treatment. But I don’t even know what is the right thing to do now. Going to hospital won’t solve my problem of unemployment, and I’m afraid of the side effects of the antidepressant drugs.

Is there any website to learn how to cope with depression without medication? I read about psychotherapy and CBT but almost all the websites explained them in general terms as in talk therapy. But I want to use it to help myself.

Going to hospital will be expensive for my current financial situation. But not seeking help is also not right.

And I need a job too. All these thoughts is killing me …..


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3 Responses to “46-year-old jobless PMET suffering from depression and feeling anxious”

  1. YCS says:

    46 years old degree holder has no skills. Can we blame the PAP for this?

  2. J Y says:

    Most of the jobs for “old” people are low-paying ones. The skills or experience we had will no longer be relevant in new jobs. Many people are depressed even when they have jobs due to stress and long hours. I think your depression is due to financial stress. Many people don’t save or find it hard to save for rainy days, especially for low income people.

    You need to occupy your mind with activities throughout the day. Even retirees are busy looking after grandchildren that they can hardly rest. Not working doesn’t mean we have nothing to do. The new year is coming and many people need to do spring cleaning. You can start by cleaning your room first. Take things one step at a time. Reading is also a good way to occupy your time.

  3. xyz says:

    It’s not “skills” per se, but rather your age and/or who you know. You think majority of PAP ministers, Perm Secs, President/SAF scholars, etc have real employable skills?!?! Most of them are fucktards. They got to where they are & their high-pay comfy jobs by por lam pah and sucking the right cocks/cheebyes. Put them in real world situations and they fucked up like YOG, CPF, NOL, SMRT, housing affordability, healthcare affordability, and telling Sinkies to forget about retirement & instead to work for exercise until you drop dead.

    NUS, NTU, SMU should also stop boasting & wasting money on annual ranking exercises conducted by angmoh companies to say they are the top Unis in Asia and top 10, top 20 in the whole fucking world.

    In many developed countries, people no longer bother with such bullshit rankings. For example in US, people are now ranking Unis based on actual starting pay after graduation. You’ll be surprised at the type of Unis at the top of this realworld rankings — many are not the expensive cut-throat Ivy League Unis, but instead smaller & cheaper Unis.

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