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Friday June 22nd 2018

Security guard earning $1600/month complaining about the way he is being treated

How to complaint??! I also have bad experience with Xxx Company.

They are still holding on and refuse to cancel the notification of mine.Very fustrated…

We as a security officer earn peanuts yet the company does this to me – 12 hrs x 6 days with an hour of break.

Each 12-hour shift is further sub-divided into one-hour blocks, with 11 hours of work and a one-hour meal break. The 11 one-hour blocks form a rotating roster, with five guards put on one of five tasks hourly: manning the main guard post, guarding the basement entrance of the clubhouse, operating the carpark barrier, watching CCTV cameras and patrolling the grounds.

It’s a pretty boring job, 95% of which is downtime. If you can entertain yourself on the clock it’s a breezy paycheck.

Keeping occupied should be easy in the modern era of smartphones.

Yet I got a miserable pay of $1.6k. Morning eat roti $0.90. Afternoon eat been hoon $1.20. Dinner eat chicken rice $3.00. There goes $1.6k. Ridiculous and pathetic…

Anyway I only request to be removed  from the company since I have already found a better offer in the security industry. Yet was given a stern lecture and a shouting on the phone.

Do I deserve such a treatment?! Anyway, security industry people are shallow-minded. When one doesn’t benefit the other, you will remain worth-less.

We don’t deserve such  treatment. We don’t felt appreciated by fellow mates. Restrictions of working 26 days . No time-off, leave not approve .Take MC kena shout at. Every time Sops.

Knowing that being a security guard is regarded as the lowest and most contemptible job a person can have.

Comments that I have heard include things like “security guards are losers who can’t get a real job.”

One person informed me that security guards are often “stupid, fat, ugly, lonely people who would otherwise be unemployed and homeless, but lucked into this boring, low paying, unskilled job.

Moreover, people tend to look upon security officer as the ” lowliest ” job.

Everything is yes sir yes sir and 3 black fool. Treat security guards like no respect. Permanent employee doesn’t mean have permanent site. At the end of the day I don’t own a living from any one. Nothing to sing about…


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5 Responses to “Security guard earning $1600/month complaining about the way he is being treated”

  1. vwa says:

    Which security agency or managing agent(or in-house) company r u referring to ? Go the the grade A security agency. Don’t go for the black-listed ones listed in spf security agency website. Not ez to be a security guard nowadays especially due to slow economy. Companies r cutting costs many r not spared. Wish tis ‘Security’ uncle (or auntie) find a better one.

  2. YCS says:

    The government should have ban the CCTV. They are making security guards redundant.

  3. Colin says:

    Greetings, Writer for this article.

    Hi, am unsure if Your goodself is the writer of several other articles (that i have read) that is related to the security industry and also aiming to write a book. You seem to have been thru quite alot. Believe that with Your experience and thoughts, You wish to improve the industry in some way. Pls write to me so we could catch up.


  4. ari says:

    I am writing this for information. There are some agency ,using their security office ,for 24hrs.They are sending to other places for duties.Morning one place and night to other places.Please check .

  5. Security says:

    My 3rd toughest site … Inhouse was strict. Standing for 3hrs traffic control @st41. Somewhere woodland.How can it possible in singapore . Hot sun, rain, traffic control etc. Lunch 45 mins. Most officer ask is the deployment fair and equitable? In terms of welfare officer don’t have proper wellgton boot n gloves. Officer have to conduct traffic control under the hot scorching sun and the rain. Even my Friend can’t even recognise me because of the tanning .Aren’t we human being . In house mangement was strict. Code of duty standing position , look infront of the mirror, don’t talk . Sedia position .Well I don’t usually voice out the unpleasant but I had seen perm officer , relief officer , monkey officer come and go. Ojt 1 day next following day never turn up. Well it is common practice to others not to come to work , awol or mc but it’s tough site. You can’t blame officer .Turn over employee rate is high.Hiring staff is difficult in the site.
    As far as my concern , I stand for 10hrs Non aircon environment ,rotating deployment. But still standing.Everyday x 6days .Worst the management can hide some where n view you.Monitor you thur cctv . Look like a prisoner standing 2 x 2 foot meter.
    How can security officer be so Miserable , horrible , terrible in this state of mind.

    I don’t blame the agency who took up the site. I blame myself accepting the site and kena torture for mths. I don’t blame the sup who have no ba__ and every time yes sir yes sir 3 black fools. Every time my deployment will be standing hot scorching sun n traffic marsh where by some college sitting in guard house in air conditioning environment.Does my pay play apart or my face play a part or race and gender ???
    Every time accompanied the management.
    No b__ to side the officers. No welfare. No team building . Un-organise roaster . Stressful because many haunter.
    When you’re right, no one will support you. When you’re wrong, everyone will criticise you. Who will wane to work in this kind of environment .

    Mangement required is I want somebody can handle suitation , physically fit ,alertness ,protect life n property ,punctuated,tactful ,smart Alex,
    knowledgable , don’t ponteng ,no mc , no awol ,work 26days, can stand 10hrs under the rain and hot scorching sun, traffic masher a must. Don’t care your gender. Standing position “Sedia”.
    When operations time stand n be alert at the st41. Look out for abnormal or unusual circumstances.
    I hereby all of the above statement “Yes”
    You are selected for the job???
    Agency just don’t bother much about the requirements of the officer . They just dump any officers that doesn’t fit what the management wants or require.
    I seen a lot come and go just like eating Maggie Mee. Is a “norm”to the management.

    Sometimes how I wish all of the 14officers includes those ojt officer fall in and let the management choose what is the requirements. No or Yes doesn’t fit the bills.
    Yes is true they are the pay master but at time it really got over the edge.

    I’m dumb folded at times n there’s a soft ball field over there which I could dig hole or in others words my own grave yard.
    My stunt at the 3rd toughest site n I quit.
    Don’t talk just follow sop .Report sitrep. Yes sir yes sir again 3 black fool.
    But of course the flaw of this debate is own self check own self. I don’t deserve such a miserable ending do I ?
    Every adult is accountable for their actions of that there is no doubt. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances and poor decisions can lead to unfortunate outcome?

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