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Saturday January 13th 2018

Jobless PMET used to earn $5000 found job as a part-time retail asst earning $500/month

Dear Edwin.

Seriously I feel sorry for you. I’m not one of those who will criticise you for voting for the PAP and thus landing yourself in this state.

Your age are very close with mine and I’ve been hunting for a job for 1.5 years already.

You did not state in your email to Gilbert how come you are jobless. So I wonder if you are like me -being asked to leave your previous job.

Were you retrenched or  resigned on your own? However cheer up, I was suicidal when jobless but I found a job as a retail assistant working part-time and now earn $500 plus s month. Compared to the $5000 I earned as a manager in the past…

Though every day I dread going to work and the income cannot help me survive much I’m still sending out countless of applications and at least the salary pays for my meals.

Like you, my savings were all wiped out because  of my prolonged unemployment.

You want to try that?


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