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Tuesday January 16th 2018

Human resource consultant’s advice for 37-year-old jobless PMET

Dear Edwin,

As a practising HR and Talent Acquisition Professional for over a decade, I am going to give you some hard truths whether you like it or not, if you want to secure a job soonest possible, because these are realities in life. Career coach can only do so much. Most of it is entirely up to you.

1 – You have sent only a miserly 100 job applications in 2 years? That works out to way less than 1 job application a day! In today’s extremely competitive job market, how do you expect to edge out over those very aggressive job seekers? You should be sending out on average at least 15 – 20 job applications a day!

2 – It is okay to repeat the same job application for the same job with the same company / recruitment agency. Employers and recruitment agencies receive hundreds of resumes everyday, it is common that they might miss some resumes including yours. Keep resending helps them to notice you eventually. Even if they might have missed your resume, subconsciously they will recall your name once they keep seeing it appearing from your resent resumes.

3 – Build your detailed profiles in as many relevant job sites and career sites as possible, even some major recruitment agencies sites where their systems enable candidates to build their profiles. Keep your profile as OPEN for all potential employers and agencies to access to you easily. If you keep your profile as PRIVATE, employers and agencies will think that you are not actively needing a job, therefore they will dismiss you easily and move on to the next, and they will never look back at you again.

4 – Re-structure your resume and presentation. More often than not, it is the presentation and layout of a resume that gives the 1st impression of the candidate to prospective employers and agencies. It is like your 1st date. Once the 1st impression is a negative one, most of us would not even think of going on another date with the same person. Same rule applies to how your resume looks.

5 – Be realistic on your expectations about the job, salary, perks, etc. You need to balance your expectations and you must adapt to what it is today. This is very critical especially in today’s economy situation. It is an employers’ market today, whether you like it or not. If you continue to “hope” like so many unrealistic people in denial, you will never find a reasonable job which you need for financial reasons. Worse, continue with unrealistic expectations, like most people in total denial in today’s situation and still insist living in the past glory, you will never find a job any time soon.

6 – Hard truth is : employers prefer younger counterparts as they are more creative, versatile, more energy and vibrant, certainly less expensive than those like yourself late 30s and early 40s onwards. TAFEP is only a guide to encourage employers to adopt fair employment practices. But this is only so much TAFEP can do. All decisions are still down to employers. In order to maintain some level of employability, you need to be even more realistic to adapt to current market.

Hope the above helps you understand and take much more initiatives in your job hunt.

Good luck.


Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted on the site.

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Human resource consultant’s advice for 37-year-old jobless PMET”

  1. kanina says:

    #1 — mass bombing 15-20 job applications every day?!?! This is bullshit. If 100 doesn’t get results, throwing 10,000 more of the same old shits won’t be anything different. The real reason why companies don’t hire you is becoz (1) your age, (2) look old/fat/unfit/uncool, (3) unappealing CV that doesn’t motivate the recruiters to even call you up, (4) applying for jobs that thousands of younger people are also applying.

    #2 — repeatedly applying for same job with same company?!?! Only if you do it at least 3 months apart, AND improve/update your CV. Maybe for recruitment agencies you can mass bomb them everyday for the same job. But doesn’t work for companies — you will get blackmarked at the bigger/better companies.

    #6 — this is the real reason why PMEs above 35 don’t get hired. AGEISM. Becoz there’re so many younger candidates especially foreigners, most companies don’t even bother to consider older applicants even if he/she has all the relevant experience. A young 20-something candidate is seen as better than experience, degree, knowledge, etc. Majority of companies feel that it’s easier & preferable to mould and train younger workers. Younger workers are also perceived to be more “obedient”, streetsmart to “toe the line” and follow company rules to meet targets and/or make the boss happy.

  2. Elizabeth says:


    It is people like YOU that tarnish the reputation of this site, which is primarily meant for many people who need real help, and professionals like us and many other professionals to try to assist them best as we can.

    You reasons are the most ridiculous, childish, and not to mention really rather daft, for an adult to speak like that! You have displayed an obvious inability to read like an adult, inability to understand or accept professional advice, you having a strong sense of self-entitlement, yet you suffer from severe low self-esteem, you think you are above everyone else, not only are you are a very uncouth person, you most definitely have nothing to show for. If you are currently holding a full time role, you are just fortunate that you are still keeping it.

    Our role is to provide frank and straight forward advice to people here to try help them.

    Do not pretend that you know anything about how employers think, or how HR work, base on your worthless so-called 2 cents worth which you just base on hearsay. Do not add more negativity than these people need. They need help and they need hope, not negative people like you who tarnish this site for them.

  3. Truth says:

    Hi Elizabeth

    I would like to give Kanina the benefit of doubts here. Generally speaking, his message has no tone of negativity but reflect the reaslism of job market. Ask around those who have been out of jobs for months to years. They will tell you the same thing. Recruitment agencies know best, but it is their job to remain discret, of what they already knew about their clients or employers, for fear of losing their own rice bowl.

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