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Sunday January 14th 2018

37-year-old PMET still jobless after 2 years with a hundred of job applications sent

Hi Gilbert,

My apologies for this abrupt email but I would really appreciate it if you can kindly advise me on the options available for jobless people like me.

I’m currently 37 and from the advertising industry for the past 15 years but I have not been able to secure a job at all now despite almost close to hundred of applications sent for the past 2 years. My savings is now depleted and I’m very worried I will not be able to pay for my bills for the coming months.

I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for temporary jobs for jobless people like us as I’ve already tried a few agencies but they always said my age is too old for admin jobs.

I have been trying very hard to deal with my severe depression and at one point stopped talking to everyone I know.

Please kindly advise if its not too much of a trouble for you?

Thank you very much,



Editor’s note: We are referring him to our career coach for a session of coaching.

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8 Responses to “37-year-old PMET still jobless after 2 years with a hundred of job applications sent”

  1. Usha says:

    Retrain.try another field.go where the are.

  2. YCS says:

    Apply to Beijing 101. They are hiring.

  3. J Y says:

    If you have a driving license, you can be a taxi driver, bus driver or a postman. Even temp jobs prefer young students who are faster, cheaper and physically fit. I have met a taxi driver some months ago. He is around 40 and single. He told me he was a technician before he lost his job and drive a cab.

    I was wondering if he was the writer of one of the articles here, but I couldn’t find it. He had a good service attitude when he offered to help me to carry the heavy bag from the boot of the cab. I told him I seldom take a cab, but the bag was too heavy for me. I am happy that he is taking things in his stride every day.

  4. Texas says:


    Always have simple jobs skill like security guard to tie you in when you are jobless …

  5. Mystery says:

    Dear Edwin.
    Seriously I feel sorry for you. I’m not one of those who will criticise you for voting for the pap and thus landing yourself in this state. Becos your age and I are very close and I’ve been hunting for a job for 1.5 years already.
    You did not state in your email to Gilbert how come you are jobless. So I wonder if you are like me being asked to leave your previous job. Or were you retrenched or you resigned yourself. However cheer up. I was suicidal but I found a job as a retail assistant part time and now earn 500 plus s month. Compared to the 5000 I earned as a manager in the past. Though everyday I dread going to work and the income cannot help me survive I’m still sending out countless of applications and at least the salary pays for my meals. I’m like you. My savings were all wiped out becos of my prolonged unemployment.
    You want to try that ?

  6. xyz says:

    You should start a blog “Journey of an unemployed Singaporean PME”. Put up photos & videos of your tribulations or funny situations. Take photos of your 100s of application letters and put them up. Screenshots of various job sites, Jobs Bank that you applying for. Photos & videos of any recruitment agencies you attend. Also photos & videos of your visits to your MP/CDC/e2i/WDA to seek help. Btw WDA now dunno call what — they change name liao.

  7. Same Boat says:

    Hi Bro,

    Get a taxis license. If you willing to put in 10 hours a day, you can easy make 4k.

    Don’t wait for the sun to shine. You can earn a living while looking for your dreams job. Working helps to get you motivated & earn some income. Think positive, think of providing a good living to your family, instead of getting a good job.

    Nothing last forever, the Government no give a damn to your ploy. 路是人走出来的

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Edwin,

    As a practising HR and Talent Acquisition Professional for over a decade, I am going to give you some hard truths whether you like it or not, if you want to secure a job soonest possible, because these are realities in life. Career coach can only do so much. Most of it is entirely up to you.

    1 – You have sent only a miserly 100 job applications in 2 years? That works out to way less than 1 job application a day! In today’s extremely competitive job market, how do you expect to edge out over those very aggressive job seekers? You should be sending out on average at least 15 – 20 job applications a day!

    2 – It is okay to repeat the same job application for the same job with the same company / recruitment agency. Employers and recruitment agencies receive hundreds of resumes everyday, it is common that they might miss some resumes including yours. Keep resending helps them to notice you eventually. Even if they might have missed your resume, subconsciously they will recall your name once they keep seeing it appearing from your resent resumes.

    3 – Build your detailed profiles in as many relevant job sites and career sites as possible, even some major recruitment agencies sites where their systems enable candidates to build their profiles. Keep your profile as OPEN for all potential employers and agencies to access to you easily. If you keep your profile as PRIVATE, employers and agencies will think that you are not actively needing a job, therefore they will dismiss you easily and move on to the next, and they will never look back at you again.

    4 – Re-structure your resume and presentation. More often than not, it is the presentation and layout of a resume that gives the 1st impression of the candidate to prospective employers and agencies. It is like your 1st date. Once the 1st impression is a negative one, most of us would not even think of going on another date with the same person. Same rule applies to how your resume looks.

    5 – Be realistic on your expectations about the job, salary, perks, etc. You need to balance your expectations and you must adapt to what it is today. This is very critical especially in today’s economy situation. It is an employers’ market today, whether you like it or not. If you continue to “hope” like so many unrealistic people in denial, you will never find a reasonable job which you need for financial reasons. Worse, continue with unrealistic expectations, like most people in total denial in today’s situation and still insist living in the past glory, you will never find a job any time soon.

    6 – Hard truth is : employers prefer younger counterparts as they are more creative, versatile, more energy and vibrant, certainly less expensive than those like yourself late 30s and early 40s onwards. TAFEP is only a guide to encourage employers to adopt fair employment practices. But this is only so much TAFEP can do. All decisions are still down to employers. In order to maintain some level of employability, you need to be even more realistic to adapt to current market.

    Hope the above helps you understand and take much more initiatives in your job hunt.

    Good luck.

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