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Sunday January 21st 2018

Whistleblower on investment scams by brothers Bryannz and Ray Fan

I was one of the victim.

They have the guts to tell you about success, financial freedom, wealth, system. Constantly giving out training to wash others mind.

They even got their salesman to go different kind of charity organization to do charity and they must wear (International Entrepreneurships Platform/Programme) IEP Polo Tee Shirt!

They are constantly going to those luxurious events to rub shoulder with those riches and show off that they are doing well because they are rubbing shoulder with those people to look good.

They are constantly rubbing shoulder with those China businessman, group and organization because they want to get those china people to invest in their business.

We shall not forget, they are using International Entrepreneurships Platform/Programme as a good looking business but it’s an empty shell to con many people money into their FAKE investment scheme or project.

What a scammer!

Here are the scammer list of names who are control by Bryannz Fan (New name: Brian Fan) and Ray Fan (New name: Raysian or Rayian Fan)


1. Jordan Kang Jun Hua
2. Siti Naqiah
3. Edmund ( / Instagram: edmund_different_scene
4. Jad (Instagram: jaddddie)
5. Wong Kang Min aka KM Wong
6. Ei Thandar @ Coral
7. Susan Shu Zhen
8. Alwin (Contact no: 813xxxxx)
9. Boe Joe Elm
10. Selva Kumar
11. Kang Ze Liang
12. Melvin Sim
13. Augustine Tan
14. Xenedict Heng
15. Michael Liu
16. Shermin Choong
17. Paul Lin
18. Zack Ho Xuan Yi
19. Choong You Xiang
20. Walter Tay
21. Valerie Tang aka MsCocoSan
22. Shi Ning
23. Adam Tan Hong Han
24. Ryman Chua (scammer who going different association to rub shoulder with real business owner when he is trying to scam them and bring them to bryannz fan)
25. ilhammi Tan
26. Crystal Koh
27. Edwin Tay
28. Alex Lee Mong Yang
29. Lenon
30. Melissa Er
31. Lucia Lim
32. Rachel Dominique Ng
33. Brighid Lim (wearing rolex and diamond ring to show off how rich he is)
34. Matthias Fong Guo Wei aka MK Fong
35. Matthew Fong
36. Choo Kae Kay
37. Lenon Goh (army regular doing scam)
38. Kelvin Soh

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a comment posted in the site. The financial investment scheme is placed under investor alert list by MAS under CH Assets International Pte Ltd formerly known as Cuffz Holdings Pte Ltd.

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Whistleblower on investment scams by brothers Bryannz and Ray Fan”

  1. Lucia Lim says:

    Haha what a joke! Poor little someone accusing everyone doing a Scam! Whats your definition of scam? Do you even know me/ us personally? Hehehehh… What are we doing, do you know as or current? I wonder which little bugger you are…

    • Edward Tan says:

      I think the little bugger and a fool would be you.
      The evidence are over – whelming – it is a scam. What you are doing is criminal and mocking others will not change facts.
      These Fan brothers will just throw you aside when shit hits the fan, trust me.
      I used to be a part of this as well for a long time, and now, I am trying to get people out of this.

  2. Daniel Teo says:

    hello i need to talk. its about cuffz holdings . i want to faint already. please. contact me . i have information.

  3. luffy says:

    even with wobao newspaper publishing the article of a lady losing 200k and so many police report against them and how are they still able to operate and open seminar in singapore ? I have been con and scammed by them and it was my saving for my studies and upon making police report and I heard nothing from them at all :(

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