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Saturday January 13th 2018

Reader against excessive maintenance payment for divorced men

This is horrendous and unfair! I come from a religion that teaches me women are equal so kindly pardon me if I offend anyone who thinks I am siding with any specific gender…

As a woman I strongly feel this is unfair to expect a Father to fork out this much when he is not earning well. He could choose to be jobless like some but he is still trying.

How much is the Mother contributing towards her child/children? Strangely if he was still married and unemployed, in most cases the Wife will not be so demanding and may even even expect the kids to work part-time to support themselves thru school since parents are not earning much.

These days many teenage kids do give part-time tuitions etc to earn some extra income to help themselves and their families out.

There are many cases whereby. divorced partners are plainly just vicious and want to “kill” their ex-partners as they cannot accept that the other party has moved on or is living peacefully.

I know of one such single parent whose ex-Husband gave up his chance of having a 5-room BTO that they had been waiting for (whilst married) but unfortunately the divorce took place during that waiting period; just so that his Daughter would have a proper shelter over her head instead of staying at her maternal Granny’s place. He had no home to call his own! Yet this woman chose to put her child in a pte kindergarten and pay $700+ monthly when she could make do with PCF and pay $200. She receives $500-700 monthly for child maintenance while her ex-Husband is trying to make ends meet because of job issues!

There is another who I know who is a working single Mother earning about $3.000 and claims that she’s getting $1,000 per kid, has 2 kids but yet says it’s not enough…

Then we have the one who receives $$300 maintenance and yet is happily bringing her Daughter up by working hard , she even has a maid and tuition for her child. She earns $4,000.

Really? A kid need $2000 a month to survive?
If you were still married to your partner, would you be spending thousands on your child?

Most of the time when you speak to ex-partners, all you hear is anger, revenge, jealousy…

Most married couples do their best to make ends meet, no matter what happens and when they break up they just want to make life hell for the other Really?

We need some changes here! We need an association for human rights not just women’s rights!


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4 Responses to “Reader against excessive maintenance payment for divorced men”

  1. YCS says:

    The daft 70% asked for it by voting for a pro women government.

  2. Forever Alone says:

    Best solution = dont get marry.
    then no more worries.

  3. Bernard Tan says:

    My point of view;
    (1) Don’t expect true Justice in Singapore. I’m in the mist of a divorce after 33 years of marriage & all the Legal professionals & judges can say is MOVE ON – LIFE’S GOES ON.

    (2) They careless what happen to you. It’s a number game & when you died it’s your problem.

    (3) I welcome anyone from the Highest State organ to Ministers to Judges to the Legal professionals to tear me into pieces & even charge/jail me if, I’ve wrongly made untrue statement(s).

    (4) We have an excellent & beyond world 1st class system but, with a failed 3rd world people managing it.
    WHY? As no one dares to stand up for TRUE JUSTICE (ONLY PERCEIVED JUSTICE).
    Many are system’s men & women, Apple polishers, don’t rock the boat mentality, MEN & Women (majority) are balls carriers with NO MORAL VALUES or PRINCIPLES to begin with.

    (5) I challenge those who think otherwise.

    (6) God Bless our Red Dot from the many Wolfs in Sheep clothing.

    (7) My piece of statement before we all perished & hopefully, with the LORD & NOT SATAN.

    Solution(s): Only the LORD can provide the answer(s) to the Belittled, Suffering & Disadvantage Poor VS the RICH (MONEY craze), POWER, GREED etc.. Obsessed with their materialistic living.

    (8) They destroyed MARRIAGE & FAMILIES’ nueclear.

    (7) Also, there’s no need for ROM and/or Church wedding since, our system viewed marriage as a number game.

    (8) Potential couple can register at ACRA where, the terms & conditions are well defined. Just like a business partnership – Clear & Concise. No hassles to our make carefree Divorce cases administered with ease.

    (9) If really the STATE & RELIGIOUS ORDERs’ viewed & supported MARRIAGE as an important LIFE Decision for Two Parties & Family nuclear formation then, Constitutionalize Marriage & make any Divorce case a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. Institute FINE, JAIL and/or both for/on the Guilty party. I’m sure Divorces cases will drop & real Marriages & Families’ nuclear will emerge.

    (10) God Save our SOULS.

    Happy to speak & share more wth you guys or anyone who has the Moral Courage & Principles to uphold TRUE JUSTICE & not live in FEAR, FEAR, FEAR RED DOT.

    What do you thing when?
    (1) Lawyer put across to you, I quote “so, I take it that you won’t LIE in Court”
    (2) Mediation Judge made statements & gave directions – so, what is (the Role of) a Mediator? Anyone can do the job, just follow the prescribed “SOP of Divorce”.
    (3) Deliberations & outcome registered by Judges are PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL (P & C) – bearing in mind, it’s all about your case file/life & it’s P & C??? Where’s the Transparency & True Justice?
    (4) Board of Lawyers’ (3 wise men) concluded & finalized outcome on Interim Judgement with a Statement – NO CASE even before, the Family Justice Court Judge can make the Interim Judgement Pronouncement. Comments made – “Glad it’s decided for you to save cost for you??? – Is Due Justice process being appropriately administered?
    (5) No lawyers’ have the true Professional ethics & standing to take & fight my case (less now, an appointed outsource legal firm). Even then, only for Stage 2 (Auxiliary Matters) with a 3-months assistance timeline given (expiring soon). Stage 1, totally zero support.

    I’ll be very happy & thankful if any informed & TRUE ADVOCATE OF JUSTICE Individual or organization can spare a few minutes to hear me out in my 22 months of LONE Fight for TRUE JUSTICE in this Little Red Dot.

    I’m residing in JB given my destitute situation.
    My Pension Fund & CPF money being retained & so declared by the EVIL HALF as all SPEND & GONE.

    Thank you & God Bless



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