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Saturday January 13th 2018

Aussie’s experience driving Uber in Singapore

FYI only SPR and SC can drive for Uber. Some interesting observations:-

1. IF you want to go places you never have been before  drive for Uber!

2. Google Maps sucks as a partner app – I’ll switch to Waze.

3. I made $66 in four hours. IF I had stayed out to the wee hours I would have made much more as the surge pricing was hitting. I actually really like driving at night (cooler and less traffic) and the demand definitely picks up. However my fear of drunk vomiting offshore oil field trash (oh the irony) picks up after midnight.

4. ALL of my passengers included women. A lot of them on their own. Women and Uber are a thing and I think Uber should 100% capitalize on this with their planned panic button and security. The uber app should activate the drivers front facing camera as a security measure (even on time laps). As the night went on my passengers were drunker.

5. Most passengers are quiet, morose and clearly prefer the non human element of Uber. I can see automated driverless taxis taking off BIG time.

6. I met someone who works for my competitor (day time job). We had an interesting exchange of info.

7. Everyone was amazed to be driven by an Aussie accented ang moh. I had absolutely pleasant passengers; no aggro at all.

8. Will I do it again? Sure; beats sitting watching the goggle box for four hours. I used SMOVE and they have some locations near by (hint: book ahead – at least a week for a smove car).

I have gay, black, Asian friends and the…

Editor’s note: This article is retrieved from a forum chat at Singapore Expats.

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