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Monday January 21st 2019

Matured jobless PMET moving forward with our resources provided

Hi Gilbert,

Thank you so much for listening and following up on my case. It has never crossed my mind that I will come to a stage where I would question myself, my life purposes and even my religion which I have often relied on to stay strong and positive.

I have always pride myself as someone who is level-headed, independent and proactive in resolving problems, until this totally sudden and unpredicted incident challenged and crushed my whole belief system.

Luckily, you guys responded in time and I was very grateful for the assistance provided. And thank you for the ebook which you have attached in your email, the guidelines are certainly useful.

In my discussion with your counsellor, we have explored the possibility of leveraging on the resources of your organization to link up with good Samaritan employers who have contacted you on the available job vacancies they have.

I have good HR/payroll experiences and I don’t mind any administrative jobs, even at entry level, as long as I can continue to stay employed and continue to utilize and make good use of the experiences I have. Do rest assured that I am well aware that is not an employment agency.

So do let me know if I can send in my resume to you and how should I proceed to be linked up to the employers that have approached your organization for manpower needs.

And thanks for your time and efforts in organizing the labour protests in which I have attended everyone of them. I have even kept the headband, “Protect Singaporean Rights” so that I can put it on for future protests organized by you.

Please continue with your good efforts as this is very important for all Singaporeans to have our voices heard.

Once again, thank you so much.


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4 Responses to “Matured jobless PMET moving forward with our resources provided”

  1. xyz says:

    I’ve never let my job or career define who I am or my self-worth. Even though I have a 2nd Upper Honours Comp Sci degree from NUS, I’ve never gave it much shit. Over 25 years, I did jobs in 4 different industries, and not all doing IT or engineering. The main thing is that I did things my way and not what society or family or govt says is correct or normal. Even till today, I can live on less than $500 each month. I’ve accumulated more than a million dollars in dividend-growing blue chips over 20+ years which by now are throwing out 6+% dividends, and those dividends keep on getting bigger every year. So I can pretty much live anywhere on this planet I want. Live like a beach bum in Phuket or on the Amalfi coast Italy, or be a grape picker in Provence France or Tuscany. If I had followed what everybody was doing … kept on upgrading in stupidly expensive condos/semi-Ds and $300K COE European cars like my colleagues & other relatives — I wouldn’t be able to tell my bosses & PAP to fuck off like I can today.

    • Jane says:

      Like you, I choose to stay in small but comfortable HDB with 3 bed rooms. where I can choose to rent out a bed room or 2. I can survive with less than $500 a month if only I am single, but in reality, that means my kids eat nothing and have to stopped going to school. I spent more than $1K a month on my kids from childcare/ after school care to tuition, medical, insurance and food. I wonder how single parent who take back less than $1K could survive in Singapore!

      • xyz says:

        Pri school onwards is cheap for Sinkies.

        It is the pre-school, day care, tuition, enrichment crap etc that are the expensive things. A lot of these are unnecessary. For pre-school, a subsidized half-day would cost about $350/mth. You’ll need to engage your parents or in-laws to help look after your younger kids. All these should have been planned out before even trying to have kids.

        I grew up without any enrichment classes or tuition, but with plenty of interaction with parents, grandparents and uncles & aunties (many of whom are quite successful). Just on my own studying & assessment books from Popular bookstore I could maintain top 10% in my schools from primary to JC. BTW I attended neighbourhood primary & secondary schools.

        Moreover, straight 10 As and multiple S papers today are a dime a dozen, no big deal. Employers and scholarship panels want to also see outstanding performance outside academia e.g. national-level sportsman, inter-school debates, consistent organizing of activities e.g. volunteering for old folks homes, fund-raising etc etc.

        They also want to see poised young people, self-confident and yet not arrogant, eager to learn, articulate, willing to put in the hard work & hours without blatant expectation of rewards, good attitude, team player with strong EQ etc.

        Most of the kids you see being pushed thru all sorts of tuition and enrichment are basically wasting money — they’ll grow up to be simply part of the masses. End up sama-sama with hundreds of thousands of other young adults and also having no special advantage over cheaper foreigners.

  2. shiva says:

    its going to be more tougher for low income

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